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Schaumburg is known as “The Gateway to the Windy City” but little did you know, your house is the gateway to numerous types of pest infestations. Small cracks in the exterior of your home and unsealed doors and windows are perfect entrance points for dozens of different pests to begin setting up camp in your cozy, warm abode. Your home has everything they need—shelter, warmth, moisture, food—it’s a perfect breeding ground for millions of their little babies. But you’re not that benevolent. Letting disease carrying, damage causing, trouble making insects and rodents snuggle their babies in your walls is not a pleasant thought. It is time to take control!

Warmer weather brings increased pests

As spring arrives, eggs start hatching, young are born. These infantile creatures grow into adults and soon begin populating again. The explosive growth rate as each generation reproduces can quickly spiral out of control. For instance, if your yard is often damp and wet, this is a perfect environment for spawning mosquitoes. The facts about mosquito eggs will scare the socks off you. First, the eggs are resistant to the elements and most survive to hatching. Second, one single mosquito can produce up to 1 BILLION offspring in a single month. These two facts alone demonstrate how uncomfortable and uninhabitable your yard can become during spring, summer and fall. Say goodbye to any backyard fun, barbeques, and leisurely gardening and say hello to the Calamine lotion.

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What’s Your Pest Problem?


"On one of the hottest, most humid days of the year Pointe technician Albert came to my home to help with a spider problem in the basement, that was the easy part. He then headed outside in the awful heat and spent a great deal of time removing cobwebs, looking for mouse holes, plugging those and inspecting for all other general pest problems. He's awesome!" -Vickie stars  

Let us take care of it!

If mosquitoes are your problem, we can spray up to two acres to rid your yard of this itching nightmare. Regardless of the pest, from ants to spiders to rodents or any other infesting creature, we can take care of it. Our highly trained technicians are skilled in all types of pest removal in Schaumburg. Not only is it guaranteed to be effective, but it is safe for your family, pets, and the environment. We would never take chances with the safety of your loved ones. Warmer months mean many hours spent outdoors around your home and you want to enjoy these. Let us come for an inspection to make sure you don’t have any harmful insects or pests around that could hurt you or your family. Black widows, wasps, fire ants as well as many others can be painful to encounter. Let us put your mind at ease! We are here to help you with all of your pest control needs.

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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