Eight Legged Monsters

Eight Legged Monster

There you are, ready to step into the shower to begin you day, when you notice a big brown spider ready to share your shower with you. Perhaps you are reading a book on the couch and you look up to notice that a little yellow spider is climbing along your ceiling. Spiders are common home invaders in the Chicagoland area, but before you give up, there is a local solution. If you want spiders eliminated, then you need the experts with Pointe Pest Control.

Why Spiders Like Your Home

When spiders first hatch, they are tiny. They are so small that they can fit through the spaces in screen windows, and they can fit through the smallest gaps around your door. Once inside, they find little insects to eat. They make a home for themselves and you later find a fully grown spider in your basement. Spiders also get into your home when people are going in and out of doors. Spiders have a habit of hiding during the day and will often hide around the cracks of your door. When someone opens a door to your home, the spider runs inside. The last way spiders get inside is through items. Spiders love the undersides of furniture. When you bring furniture into your home, you could be bringing egg sacs and spiders in too. If you picked up some furniture, give it some time with the vacuum. Make certain you focus on the undersides. If you see any webbing, make certain to vacuum everything.

Pointe Pest Control

You don’t have to live with spiders in your home. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you are putting our years of experience to work for you. Our technicians understand the spiders that are common to Kenilworth. We know what eradication techniques are most effective. We use a multi-pronged treatment approach that incorporates a variety of methods. This gives us the ability to eradicate the spiders that are trying to get into your home. When you want the best local pest control around, you need to experts with Pointe Pest Control.

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