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Bartlett, IL Spider Control

Your Bartlett Pest Control Problem, Gone For Good, Guaranteed.

Bartlett Office:
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Bartlett, IL Spider Control Services

A Clean and Pest Free Home in Bartlett is just a call away..

One amazing thing to do in Bartlett is to see the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, a stunning Hindu temple with delicate, intricately carved workmanship covering the entire, white, marble building. The grounds are stunning and no matter the religious affiliation of the visitors, the peaceful atmosphere is felt by all. Viewing the Mandir from an artistic standpoint, it is pure and simply, a masterpiece. Capturing that peace and tranquility from your visit to this magnificent place can quickly evaporate upon returning home to encounter a spider in your home. No matter if you fear them or not, seeing a spider in your house can raise your blood pressure a few notches. Spiders do not belong in your house and the very idea of it can make your skin crawl.

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Spiders are Sneaky and Reclusive

Spiders are silent and shifty. Most spiders are not social insects and live solitarily in their webs waiting for food. They don’t make any noise as they move around and prefer to go unnoticed. Viewing you as a threat, some aggressive species have a tendency of lashing out and biting. It is a way of protecting themselves as we recoil in horror and back away, they have a chance to make a run for it.

Aggressive spiders with potentially deadly bites include: black widows and brown recluse spiders. Both of these spiders are incredibly dangerous and are commonly found around Illinois homes, especially hiding in cluttered areas, wood piles or dark and damp corners. When it comes to your children and pets, you do not want to risk an encounter with one of these deadly arachnids.

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Where You Will Find Spiders

Bartlett spider control is an essential need in every home all year round. Inside your home, spiders hide under furniture, in dark closets or corners, in basements and in attics. You might notice spiders crawling more regularly in the spring, summer and fall months but seem to disappear in the winter months. This is very far from the truth, in fact winter is the most important time to schedule spider control as thousands of spiders could be getting ready to hatch. During the fall, spiders typically lay an egg sac and then die off leaving it ready to mature and hatch in the spring. Suddenly you could have hundreds or thousands of baby spiders in search of a place to spin their webs.

Year-Round Spider Control is Necessary

When it comes to scheduling spider control, do not cut corners or miss seasons as every season is essential when it comes to spider control. A consistent approach keeps spiders from returning and, as we have seen time and time again, without professional experienced spider control, they WILL return. To keep your family safe from dangerous arachnids, call in the professionals today. Our Pointe Pest Control technicians are experienced with all types of spiders and can help you achieve a spider free home all year long.

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Let’s Identify Your Pest Problem

Understanding the Seasons

Weather has a profound effect on pest life cycle. Most pests, rodents and insects breed aggressively during spring and go through periods of hibernation during autumn and winter.

When the weather slowly begins to heat up, pests start to get more active after having stayed dormant over the colder winter months.

  • Birds often start to find mates and start building their nests.
  • Moths which consumer leaves usually become active again.
  • Flies often emerge from their winter hibernation places and start to breed and spread out.
  • Squirrels also spend the winter in hibernation. When spring approaches these creatures start looking for a new home. This is usually the time when they make their way into lofts and other spaces.

Summer is arguably the best season for pests. It is the time when they are in full swing and breed as rapidly as they can. Wasps are one of the most common summer pests followed by flies and rodents. Many a summer picnics and BBQs have been ruined by the ‘home invasion’ of these pests.

  • Wasps build their nesting grounds and lay their eggs during this time. Although the creatures are not directly harmful, they can be very aggressive and territorial at this time of the year, because they’re at their strongest.
  • The number of fleas also multiplies. Since pets spend more time outdoors during summer, they are more likely to bring the pests back indoors with them.
  • Bees are also more active during summer as they go out to gather nectar. Many times, homeowners find a new beehive in their garden and require pest control to take care of it. Because of their sting, bees are more dangerous than some of the other pests and you should call our professional service to get rid of them.
  • Moths and flies usually start to multiply significantly during summer.
  • Ants begin to swarm to find new mates and start new colonies during summer.
  • Cockroaches become very noticeable in the summer, especially in the kitchen and toilets. This is due to the hotter temperatures and stronger smells.
  • Bedbugs are also very active in the summer.

Autumn is the month when things start to get cooler. The number of pests starts to dwindle as they begin to slow down their breeding activities.

  • Wasps start becoming dozy and docile. You may find them buzzing around occasionally as if they are drunk. This is usually the end-time for their life.
  • Spiders in particular are more active at this time of the year.
  • Squirrels will gather their food and start to look for shelter.
  • The second breeding phase for flies begins. These pests remain active during the season.
  • Rodents also become more active. Due to the approaching cold, rodents usually find shelter inside homes in the loft or inside walls.

The coldest months are when pests seek out warmth and shelter. You will find a number of insects especially rodents and lizards make their way inside your home.

  • Spiders come into our homes to escape the web-destroying frosts.
  • Rodents move indoors to escape the cold, increasing infestations.
  • In many cases, homeowners find squirrels nesting in lofts when they go to get their Christmas decorations.

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