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Exploring Bartlett and the rest of the great state of Illinois, you are sure to find a wealth of beauty, educating sights and interesting landmarks. There is no need to flit off to vacations around the world if you haven’t first experienced all the amazing places within your home state. Chicago, for one, is bursting with incredible sights from museums, Six Flags, gardens, parks and zoos. The Lincoln Home Historical site in Springfield, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis or visiting the banks of Lake Michigan are a few fun experiences you will enjoy within Illinois. After returning from your travels however, you might have brought home an uninvited hitchhiker in your suitcase. Bed bugs are a popular, unwelcome souvenir tourists often unknowingly introduce into their homes. These insects can be difficult to detect and remove alone, you need experienced Bartlett bed bug control and fast.

How they avoid detection

Bed bug infestations often continue for long periods of time without exposure and there are a few reasons for this. First of all, they are small. An adult bed bug is no bigger than an apple seed and their eggs are the size of a speck of dust. Second, they hide very well. Most people do not take the time to examine under mattresses, along baseboards or the undersides of furniture. Bed bugs hide until nighttime. They actually have C02 sensors that can detect when you are sleeping. Finally, bed bug bites are often confused with other bites or rashes. Because the reaction from person to person varies, not every bite will look the same. One sign is that bed bugs bite in clusters so if you find bites in small clusters on your skin, you could be dealing with a bed bug infestation.

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Bed bug prevention tips

If you frequently travel, you will want to develop good habits when staying at hotels. Before even bringing your luggage inside, it’s important to inspect the room. Using a flashlight (the one on your cell phone works great), lift up the mattress and examine for little dark brown insects and fecal trails. Looking along the wall, inside the nightstand, along the bedframe and even behind the picture frames are good places to look for bed bugs. Even then, if you suspect you were bitten at night, check the sheets for blood marks the bed bugs leave behind after a meal. Leaving your suitcase on a metal stand or even in the bathtub will prevent bed bugs from sneaking inside for a ride home with you.

Don’t be caught unaware

Bed bug bites are itchy and uncomfortable for several days after a bite. However, as they feed on humans at night, these bites are painless and their hosts continue to sleep peacefully. That is due to a chemical in bed bug saliva that acts as a numbing agent. It isn’t until later when that wears off that your body produces a negative, itchy reaction to the bed bug bite and saliva. If you discover a bed bug infestation in your home, you do not want to live a second more with this. To finally get a good night’s sleep again, call us today for the most effective Bartlett bed bug control around.

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