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Bartlett, IL Mosquito Control

Your Bartlett Pest Control Problem, Gone For Good, Guaranteed.

Bartlett Office:
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Bartlett, IL Mosquito Control Services

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For the nature and water lovers, Bartlett, Illinois provides quite a playground to splash around in. From quaint duck ponds to the full and flowing Fox River, there are ample areas to enjoy the aquatic life in Bartlett. One drawback of all these charming, watery scenes is the oftentimes presence of nature’s most annoying pest. There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy your day only have mosquitoes start making you a meal. It’s even worse if this problem follows you home. Being attacked by mosquitoes as you garden, barbecue or your children play in the yard becomes a very itchy, and even dangerous problem. Our professional Bartlett mosquito control can drastically reduce this problem.

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A Dangerous Pest

Mosquitoes are an aggravating and deadly pest. Next to every other animal and insect on the planet, the mosquito has inadvertently killed more people than anything else. According to WHO, mosquito bites result in more than 1 million deaths worldwide each year due to the deadly diseases they spread. Though most of these deaths are in third world countries, the United States does see its fair share of dangerous illnesses caused by mosquito bites. Some common mosquito borne diseases are malaria, West Nile virus, chikungunya, dengue, several types of encephalitis and most recently in the news, the Zika virus. These diseases can have drastic consequences on your health and by controlling the mosquito population around your home, you can minimize your chances of contracting any of these diseases.

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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

There is one thing mosquitoes need more than anything—water. They are water loving insects primarily because this is where they lay their eggs. Female mosquitoes drink blood and use the blood protein to develop the eggs, thus females are the only mosquitoes that bite. They can then lay up to 300 eggs at a time, which are deposited in clusters that float on top of water. When they hatch, they transform from larvae to pupae to adult in only two weeks time. The life cycle of a mosquito is very fast and if your yard has standing water anywhere, even just an inch deep, you could be perpetuating the continued cycle of these nasty, blood sucking insects. Removing all standing water and puddles of water, weather in buckets, tarps, drainage areas or more will reduce their breeding grounds.

Professional Mosquito Control Works

If you are unsure where the mosquitoes are breeding, do not worry. Pointe Pest Control technicians are skilled at searching out the source of their breeding grounds quickly. Finding and treating these areas with our effective, non-toxic treatments will drastically reduce the mosquito population around your home so you can enjoy your yard once again. Stop hiding indoors, call us today!

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Let’s Identify Your Pest Problem

Understanding the Seasons

Weather has a profound effect on pest life cycle. Most pests, rodents and insects breed aggressively during spring and go through periods of hibernation during autumn and winter.

When the weather slowly begins to heat up, pests start to get more active after having stayed dormant over the colder winter months.

  • Birds often start to find mates and start building their nests.
  • Moths which consumer leaves usually become active again.
  • Flies often emerge from their winter hibernation places and start to breed and spread out.
  • Squirrels also spend the winter in hibernation. When spring approaches these creatures start looking for a new home. This is usually the time when they make their way into lofts and other spaces.

Summer is arguably the best season for pests. It is the time when they are in full swing and breed as rapidly as they can. Wasps are one of the most common summer pests followed by flies and rodents. Many a summer picnics and BBQs have been ruined by the ‘home invasion’ of these pests.

  • Wasps build their nesting grounds and lay their eggs during this time. Although the creatures are not directly harmful, they can be very aggressive and territorial at this time of the year, because they’re at their strongest.
  • The number of fleas also multiplies. Since pets spend more time outdoors during summer, they are more likely to bring the pests back indoors with them.
  • Bees are also more active during summer as they go out to gather nectar. Many times, homeowners find a new beehive in their garden and require pest control to take care of it. Because of their sting, bees are more dangerous than some of the other pests and you should call our professional service to get rid of them.
  • Moths and flies usually start to multiply significantly during summer.
  • Ants begin to swarm to find new mates and start new colonies during summer.
  • Cockroaches become very noticeable in the summer, especially in the kitchen and toilets. This is due to the hotter temperatures and stronger smells.
  • Bedbugs are also very active in the summer.

Autumn is the month when things start to get cooler. The number of pests starts to dwindle as they begin to slow down their breeding activities.

  • Wasps start becoming dozy and docile. You may find them buzzing around occasionally as if they are drunk. This is usually the end-time for their life.
  • Spiders in particular are more active at this time of the year.
  • Squirrels will gather their food and start to look for shelter.
  • The second breeding phase for flies begins. These pests remain active during the season.
  • Rodents also become more active. Due to the approaching cold, rodents usually find shelter inside homes in the loft or inside walls.

The coldest months are when pests seek out warmth and shelter. You will find a number of insects especially rodents and lizards make their way inside your home.

  • Spiders come into our homes to escape the web-destroying frosts.
  • Rodents move indoors to escape the cold, increasing infestations.
  • In many cases, homeowners find squirrels nesting in lofts when they go to get their Christmas decorations.

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