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One of the loveliest attributes of the peaceful town of Bartlett, Illinois are the magnificent, enjoyable and peaceful parks the city possesses. The serenity captured during an afternoon stroll is just enough to buoy you up through the busyness and chaos of the work week. The James “Pate” Philip State Park is just what you need to harness those needed endorphins as you run, bike or walk on the picturesque paths past some of Illinois’ most beautiful nature and interesting, natural wildlife. While you are seizing enough zen for your day, you could have a whole colony of ants seizing your pantry for their very own. You need professional Bartlett ant control NOW.

Thieves among you

Ants are tiny insects that can crawl through minuscule openings into your home you are unaware of. They smell food in your kitchen and they want a bite. Ant are unashamed, they waltz right in and take whatever they fancy. If you leave it out, they take advantage. There are many different types of ants that infest common households such as odorous ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, thief ants, pharaoh ants and fire ants just to name a few. Their basic needs are met by the water, food, wood, (in the carpenter ants’ case) and shelter your home provides. As long as their access is unrestricted, they will keep on coming.

Skip the ineffective DIY ant control

A first reaction to the sighting of several dozen ants scurrying around your floor is to wipe them out. But it’s important to remember that you are merely ridding yourself of the tiniest fraction of the real problem, because nearby is an ant nest will thousands more and a very energetic, egg-laying queen striving to grow the colony every single day. You need to hit them where it hurts and your professional Bartlett ant control technician has the know how to do this. Not just any old grocery store ant sprays or baits will work. In fact, some of those create more harm than good by causing panic in the colony. This alarm causes ants to spread out and sometimes create other colonies with a new queen in another part of your house. Soon you have double the dilemma. Stop while you’re ahead, Pointe Pest Control is your answer.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"I was so surprised the technician dusted the cobwebs outside!!! No other outfit has done that before!!" -Sue stars  

We know how to wipe out the wasps

Reclaim your kitchen with professional help

Ant infestations involve so many small pests that it can be hard to know if you removed the infestation. When professional ant control is involved however, we will not quit until the ant problem has been evacuated. Your complete satisfaction is invaluable to us. Hearing our customers’ positive reviews is what we work so hard for. No matter how big or how tiny the pest is, we have a solution that is tailored to that pest, your home and your situation. Our treatments are safe for your family. Replacing pests with toxic chemicals is not our approach. With Pointe Pest Control you get non-toxic, effective ant control you can count on. Don’t live with these annoying insects a second longer, call us today.

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