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Pavement Ant

Dark Brown
Ant Color
2.5-3 mm long
Ant Size
Ant Legs
Very Not
Ant Danger
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Pavement ants received its name because of their habit to build nests under floors, cracks, and sidewalks; while leaving piles of dirt in a mound. If they are in your home, you might find them behind your walls or inside insulation. These pests are described as being light brown to black and are about 2.5 to 3 mm long. You may also notice that their heads and bodies have light colored parallel lines. Like most ants, these creatures are usually out foraging for food sources such as dead insects, meats and sweets.

Signs of Infestation:

There aren't many signs that point to a pavement ant infestation. However, the most common sign of one is having worker pavement ants or swarmers invading your home. These ants will leave tiny piles of dirt from the areas they dug up and you will see them in different areas outside your home. Pavement ants do not bite, but are able to sting and would rather avoid confrontation than try to approach people.

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