Commercial Pest Control Services

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We know the importance of keeping your business safe. From dentist offices to warehouses you can trust us to keep pests out. Our experienced technicians are professionals and have seen it all! They know the safest way to keep your property secured from invaders.

Are we a Match?

Pointe has extensive experience servicing the following business types.

  • Apartment complexes and rental units
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Professional Office space
  • County and Government buildings

From Daycares to Dental offices we’ve got you covered. Call us today to set up an inspection.

Your business can’t afford to stop over pests and we’ve got a plan to keep you running smoothly.

Monitoring, Detection
and Prevention

Inspection—our most valuable tool can be a flashlight or a monitoring station in a discreet location. You can count on us searching out the source of any problems.


Treatments—How does this work?

  • Plan—After your inspection we will build out a custom service plan to keep problems at bay. Pest’s change throughout the seasons of the year and so do our treatment methods.
  • Educate—We will educate your on-site staff on preventing problems and how to get the most out of our services.
  • Relationship—we’re happy when you are happy. Our treatment plan will keep you care free of un-wanted pests. On going service keeps surprises away and you can call us anytime between scheduled visits for free follow up treatments. We are here for you.



Commercial Pest Control

Things can get slightly more complicated when pest control is required at a commercial property. As business managers or commercial landlords, owners would need to consider a few more factors when it comes to getting rid of unwelcome pests on their business property.

Residential pest problems can be ignored for a while without major consequences. The same does not apply at a commercial property. The reason why effective commercial pest control is so important is because an infestation can damage your business reputation. 

If a customer sees pests like rats, lizards or cockroaches on your premises it can be very off-putting. This could result in word being spread about the lacking standard of your premises. This is particularly problematic for businesses in the food and catering sector. Ironically, these are exactly the types of businesses that attract pests the most.

It is very important that such pest situations be dealt with promptly and completely. The last thing you want is an inspection or a damning report from the health inspectors for your business.

In commercial buildings, pests should also be dealt with quickly due to health risks and legal implications. Many types of pests are capable of spreading disease. If employees or customers get sick because of such pests, your business can be sued for unhealthy working conditions.

If you run a business that stocks goods and inventory, pests may also damage the stock you may have in storage. It isn’t just rats. Ants, termites and cockroaches are all capable of reaching even the most securely locked places, building colonies and causing damage within a few weeks.


Pointe Pest Control Solution for Residential and Commercial Properties

At Pointe Pest Control, we provide pest removal and control services for all types of properties. Our professional exterminators are equipped with the right equipment and skills allowing them to deliver excellent service every time.

With commercial services, we have to be extra cautious. Sometimes we may be offering our pest control services to a hospital with sensitive laboratory equipment and patients. On other occasions we could be working with a daycare center or industrial facility with a warehouse full of stock. 

Having the experience to treat different types of pest problems at different commercial locations is our pride. The exterminators at Pointe Pest Control tailor their pest control methods to meet the needs of our clients and their business premises. This is why we are the number one choice for both residential pest removal and commercial pest control in the Chicago Area.