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American Roaches

Reddish Brown
1.5-2" long
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION American roaches are usually about 1.5-2" long and are reddish brown in color. This type of cockroach is the largest of all house-infesting roaches as they are on the hunt for food, water and shelter. These creatures prefer to be in warm, humid temperatures and come out mostly after heavy rain. When it comes to reproduction, a female and her offspring can produce over 800 roaches in just one year. When roaches age, they develop wings and are able to fly. The reason why it is so important to keep them out of your home is because they come from the outdoors. They live under mulch, trees and sewer systems when outdoors, so when they come into your home, they are contaminating whatever they touch.

Signs of Infestation:

A roach infestation might make you feel like you are losing your mind, especially when you kill one only to see another one pop up. If you are unsure if you have an infestation, there are a couple things that you can look for. The first are droppings in dark areas such as your pantry, garage or basement. You also want to look for egg capsules in those areas. These cases are dark in color. And if you are smelling something foul or musty, that could be caused by an infestation. Roaches release an odor from a chemical they produce and as their colony grows, the more you will be able to sniff out the musty smell. Most of these roaches will come into your home looking for food and water sources. They enter your home through garages and sewer pipes and will immediately find a place to hide, so you want to make sure you keep dark areas clutter free.   Cockroach 101 Cockroaches are 6 legged insects. A lot of the cockroach species come with wings which they can actually use to fly. As if these things were already not scary enough on the ground, some of them can even fly! A cockroach can live for up to a year. That is a long lifespan in terms of insects. During the year, they can spawn thousands of more cockroaches. They are primarily nocturnal insects. You get scared when you see them during the day but the thing is that you only see the ones brave enough to come out during the day. When you are soundly asleep, these creatures come out in droves. If you ever wake up for a midnight snack, you should prepare yourself. The moment you turn the light in the kitchen on, you will see a lot of them scatter into their hiding places. The worse the cockroach infestation gets, the bolder these six legged insects become. You will start seeing more and more of these during the day and that is a sign that things are going bad.   Cockroach Habitat Cockroaches are very common in subtropical and tropical climatic regions. There are hundreds of thousands of cockroach species but there are a handful of them that live near human settlements. They live in buildings, high urban living densities, sewers and any other place where they can find food and moisture. The American breeds exist in gigantic numbers when they have enough food and water. They get plenty of that in an average American home. Cockroaches are also found in abundance in garbage cans, dumpsters, kitchens and food storage areas. This clearly shows that they are quite adaptable. Cockroach infestations in the country are so bad that people have actually become used to them. There are active mockeries made by TV shows about cockroach infestations in urban cities. If there is a leaky pipe in your home, the cockroaches will get all the moisture they need to multiply. The areas which are undisturbed provide the perfect conditions for them to breed in numbers. The area behind the fridge, underneath the sink, in the drains, the cabinets... the list can go on and on and we will not be able to finish telling you about all the places you can find these critters.   Cockroach Mating Habits Cockroaches are not only resilient, they also reproduce in large numbers. One female can produce offspring in up to eight different batches during her lifetime. What's worse is that during the course of her life, a single female cockroach can give birth to about 400 baby cockroaches. This is why if you see a cockroach infestation beginning, you can expect the numbers to grow exponentially. That is unless you can do something about it (but that is something we'll tell you in a bit).   Cockroach Resilience We have already told you a few times that these are some tough creatures. We will tell you just a few of the reasons why. Cockroaches are capable of being alive for over a month without eating any food. Without their heads, they die after a week. That is also only because they are unable to drink water and they die of thirst. There are cockroach species that can slow down their metabolism by an alarming degree just so that they can preserve their energy. The reason why we mentioned cockroaches surviving nuclear war was not a joke. Among the insect and animal kingdom, cockroaches happen to have the highest radiation resistance. Cockroaches mostly die natural deaths due to predators. That and the fact that they cannot flip themselves back over if they are turned upside down can also cause their death.   Getting Rid of Cockroaches You are not reading this wrong. It may come as a surprise to you after reading all of that but it is true. Getting rid of cockroaches is a difficult task but not an impossible one. All you need is the right people for the job. At Pointe Pest Control, we understand how problematic these insects can be. We hate them just as much as you do. In fact we hate them more than you do because we are actually killing them for a living. The expert technicians we have are exceptionally skilled and trained in finding these creatures. We will make sure that we don't just eliminate the cockroaches inside your home but provide you a long term solution so they will not come back for a while. It also goes to say that our technicians will also guide you on how to prevent cockroaches from causing a fully fledged outbreak once more. Pointe Pest Control's approach to the cockroach infestation will be tailor made for your convenience and the most effective elimination of the cockroaches. The best part about all of it is that the services will come cheaper than your conventional pest control. It gets better. The products we use make a minimal impact on the environment so you won't be at risk of exposure to dangerous toxin

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