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Rewrite the Rodent Rules!

If you have ever watched a cartoon, you have been led to believe that furry little mice are your friends. Squirrels are depicted as talkative happy critters. Voles are shown to be blind, but nice. Even rats have been portrayed as kind hearted. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are living with an infestation of rodents you already understand that they are terrible and nasty house guests. When a rodent finds your food, they urinate and defecate on it. They are marking it as their own. This disgusting behavior spoils all of the food. For instance, if you have 7 gallon bucket of oatmeal and rodents get inside, it has been contaminated. You will be throwing out all the oatmeal in the bucket. Simply put, if given the chance, rodents will ruin your home. Don’t give them that chance. If you see a rodent in your home or yard, it is time to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control.

When you see a mouse scurry across your kitchen floor, you immediately realize that all those cartons got it wrong. There is nothing friendly about a mouse. If you find a rat, you will be terrified. Rats will attack if they feel threatened. Your house cat will run for the hills if confronted by a full grown sewer rat. Rats are mean. Even our professional pest control technicians experience a jump scare when a rat strikes. If you have a rodent infestation in your home, you don’t have to live with it. You can try to tackle the problem by yourself, or you can make it easy by calling the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. Do it yourself pest control is not always the best option. If you have a few rodents, you will find it works great. But if you have a serious infestation, it will be much more than you can handle. When it comes to rodents and rodent infestations, we are the professional experts. At Pointe Pest Control, we know what to do to get your home or office pest free. We can help you win the war against rodents.

The Problem

Rodents are smart and they are cautious. If you put down a baited trap, and a rat get killed in it, the other rats will know to avoid the other traps. Some cities have used poisoned baits in an attempt to kill off rat populations. Overtime, mice and rats gain resistance to rodenticides. After a while, the poison bates are no longer effective and the rodents can thrive even if they eat the poison. In rat colonies, if there is a new food source, the stronger rats will send a weaker one in to taste test the food. That way if the food is bad, the other rats in the colony know the food isn’t safe. These traits help them live just about anywhere in the world. Rats also have physical abilities. A rat can survive a fall from a height of five stories. If you try to flush a rat down the toilet it will survive, and they can even climb back out. Rats can swim over a half of a mile. If you hope the rat will drown, be prepared to wait awhile. Rats can tread water for three days. If your home has a hole or crack the size of a quarter, you could be sharing your breakfast with a rat. Their teeth are harder than cement, and they can chew through cinder blocks, glass, aluminum, plastic, and wood.  When you walk around the outside of your home, and find a gap that can fit two of your fingers, you have found a potential entry area. Rats also breed very quickly. Under ideal conditions a rat couple can have as many as 2,000 offspring during their 2 year lifespan. Once you get a few rats in your home, they will quickly become an infestation.

Mice might not be as intelligent as rats, but they have some physical characteristics that give them an upper hand. Mice are the most common mammal in the United States. If you think you are the only one dealing with an infestation, think again. Every fall to early winter, more than 21 million American homes get infested with mice. Mice love to eat. Even though they are tiny, mice will eat anywhere from 15 to 20 times every day. They have some serious acrobatic skills. A mouse can jump a little more than a foot off the ground. This gives them the ability to get onto counter tops and into cupboards. Mice can fit through a hole that is a little bit bigger than a dime. If you have gas pipes, or electricity lines, coming into your home and there is a dime-sized space around them, a mouse can fit through. A female mouse can give birth to 12 new mice every two to three months. Since mice reproduce so rapidly, a few can turn into thousands in no time at all.

The Damage

Damage and rodents go together. If you have an amazing yard and get a few voles or gophers, it won’t take them very long to make your yard look like the crater on the moon. Rats and mice have open rooted teeth, which mean they grow constantly throughout their lives. Rat teeth have been show to grow as much as 5 inches each year. Since their teeth continuously grow, they have to chew in things in order to wear them down. That means when you get an infestation of rodents in your home, they are going to chew on everything. Rats and mice will gnaw through wood, walls, electrical wires, and furniture. Cardboard is one of their favorite things to chew on, because they use it for nesting material. You might also notice that some of your socks are missing. Rodents love nesting material for their younglings and will steal your clothes and tear up your furniture to get it.

Rodents can completely ruin the insulation in your attic. If you attic is missing insulation, your heating and electrical bills will increase. In the winter, the insulation in your attic keeps the heated air inside. Without insulation, your furnace will work harder to keep your house warm. The same occurs with your air conditioner in the summer. Pretty much, and infestation of rodents will cost you money in food, heating, cooling and home repairs. Rodent infestations also increase the risk for a catastrophic house fire. When rodents bite through an electrical wire, a gap is created. If electricity arcs across the gap, it can ignite nearby materials. Several house fires have been linked back to rodent infestations. Rodents are definitely not your friends.

The Diseases

If you think that home damages are the only things that rodents do, guess again. Rodents can also ruin your health. Rats spend time wandering around sewers and garbage; they then crawl around your kitchen table eating scraps. It has been estimated that there are over a million viruses, bacteria and pathogens on a rat’s foot. Rats spread intestinal tape worms and lung and liver flukes. During the dark ages, rats were responsible for spreading bubonic plague through fleas. Bubonic plague, or the Black Death, killed more than 100 million people in Europe. Entire cities were wiped out. It is estimated that the Black Death killed off anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of the Europe’s population. If you think that bubonic plague has been wiped out, think again. It is still here. Scientists have found it in populations of ground squirrels and of course, rats. If a rat bites you, you could get rat bite fever. If left untreated the disease can kill you.

Mice also spread some nasty illnesses. One of the worst is Hantavirus. Hantavirus is spread through the feces and urine of mice. When you decide to sweep or vacuum up messes made by a mouse, Hantavirus gets airborne. If you breathe it in you can contract the disease. Hantavirus causes your lungs to slowly fill up with fluid, and 38% of those that get the disease will end up dying from it. There are a lot of other terrifying diseases spread by rodents. According to the Center for Disease Control there are more than 35 illnesses spread by rodents that can be hazardous to your health. Sharing your home with rodents is not an option because they will ruin your home and your health.

The Solution

You don’t have to live with a rodent infestation. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you are getting the best rodent experts in the Chicago area. Our trained technicians understand the secret lives of rats, mice and other rodents. We know where they hide, we understand their lifecycle, and how they behave. From your crawl space to your attic, we can get your home protected. We identify where the rodents are getting in and we know how to keep them out. With Pointe Pest Control, you are getting a whole home treatment. We eliminate the rodents inside and keep them from getting back in. Our technicians will give your home a perimeter walk. They work to identify all of the potential entry points into your home. Once the entry spots are identified, we seal them up. We make certain that rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents won’t be able to get into your home. If you have rodents invading sheds in your yard, we can help with your outdoor infestations as well. If voles and gophers are transforming your beautiful yard into a mess, our technicians will know what to do. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you are putting our years of experience to work for you.

Our Pointe Pest Control technicians are problem solvers. When we arrive to your home we come prepared to work. We understand that your time is important, that is why we will work around you schedule. Our technicians use the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Using these principles gives us a multi-pronged treatment approach that will eradicate rats and massacre mice. They won’t know what hit them. Our treatment methods are tough on rodents, but safe for you your family and your pets. Since our technicians are local, we avoid using harsh chemicals that degrade Mother Nature and ruin habitats. We live and work in the same areas as you and your family, which is why we work to protect the environment while reducing rodent infestations at the same time. We follow established pest control procedures in order to ensure the safety of our technicians and the safety of you and your family. 

You deserve a pest control company dedicated to helping you get rid of rodents. That is what we do. When you want the best in pest control, make certain you make the right call the first time. Call Pointe Pest Control and you will get the rat and mouse free home that you deserve. Protect your home, your health, and your family. If you have a rodent infestation, Pointe Pest Control has the professional expertise you need. Now is the time to get rid of rodents. Make the call that will protect your home and your health. Pointe Pest Control will help you win the war against rats, mice, squirrels, voles, gophers and any other rodent infestation that is ruining your home or yard.


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