6 Signs Rodents Are Chewing Through Your Investments

6 Signs Rodents Are Chewing Through Your Investments

A relaxing family evening can turn into one of pandemonium with the sudden sighting of a mouse scurrying across the floor. And if you see one, most likely he has a whole family of children, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters hiding in your walls, chewing through your biggest asset. They will nest in your walls and stored boxes and then get into your pantry and cupboards. In fact, you may have had a rodent problem for quite awhile and be totally unaware of it. Finding out you have dozens or even hundreds of mice in your house, garage or shed can be frustrating to say the least. The damage can cost you thousands of dollars.

Here are 6 ways to spot an infestation before it’s too late.

1- Sightings of droppings: These are usually seen in cupboards, along baseboards, and in the pantry, drawers, and bins. Rodents defecate frequently and everywhere. Keeping your eyes open for droppings could spot an early infestation.

2- Urine spots or trails: Mice have weak bladders and are constantly dribbling urine wherever they go. If you notice wet pools or damp spots consistently, don’t wait, call an exterminator.

3- Gnaw and nibble marks: Whether it’s on food boxes, electrical wires or even pet food bags, this is a huge red flag. Mice eat anything and get into everything. Bringing food back to their family or finding materials to make their nest more cozy is their main objective. Spotting their trademark chew holes can save your house from losing more money.

4- A terrible smell: The scent of a rodent infestation has a particular smell which is hard to describe. If you’re smelling something disgusting and find you are buying an obscene amount of scented candles and air fresheners to cover up the mysterious musky smell, pause and think for a minute. It could be a rodent infestation. The smell of their feces, urine, and dirty, sweating nest will definitely cause a stink.

5- Unusually excited pets: If you have cats or dogs, chances are they have known of the rodent problem for a long time. When your dogs are nervously bouncing around the walls for no reason or your cat looks wild eyed, there is a reason. Pay attention to them.

6- Noises in the walls: Hearing squeaks and scratching in your walls, cupboards and ceilings is definitely something to take seriously. Mice may be small and sneaky, but they can make some telltale noises to give away their presence.

Detecting a rodent infestation in its early stages can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Catching any of these 6 signs can save your family a lot of stress and heartache, along with protect their health. Rodents can wreak havoc on your health and transfer potentially life threatening diseases. Call your Pointe Pest Control technician immediately to get rid of your infestation. We will get rid of it ASAP with safe, non-toxic treatments that won’t harm your family or the environment. Don’t wait another minute, we look forward to hearing from you.

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