Rodent Infestation? You Want Experienced Pest Control Experts

Rodent Infestation? You Want Experienced Pest Control Experts

From biking plans to the rainwater collection barrel program, Glenview is serious about going green. Pointe Pest Control is doing our part to help improve the environment. We use fewer plastics than other pest control companies. We avoid using harmful chemicals that degrade the soil and water we depend upon. That means, when you have a rodent infestation and you want experienced pest eradication that is safe for you and your family, you need Pointe Pest Control.

Rascally Rodents

Mice, rats and other rodents are destructive. Mice will gnaw into your food containers and spoil everything they touch. Rats love to chew. If they are in your attic, they will bite through electrical wiring, which could start a fire. An infestation of rats can burn your house down. Moles can turn your front lawn into Swiss cheese. Damage to your home and property are not the only things you need to worry about. Rodents can threaten your health. From Hantavirus to Salmonellosis, rodents carry a variety of terrible diseases that you never want to get.

Pointe Pest Control is your Solution

If you see gnaw marks on your food containers and rodent feces along your baseboards it is time to call in the professionals. You need Pointe Pest Control. We understand rodent behaviors and patterns. Our technicians will identify rodent hotspots and eliminate nesting areas. Once the mice or rats are eradicated from your home, we work to keep it that way. Our technicians will perform a perimeter survey around your home. They can identify and repair the areas where rodents are gaining access. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you get pest eradication at its best. We will create a holistic treatment plan that meets your needs. With Pointe Pest, you can say goodbye to rodents. Don’t let mice, voles, rats or other rodents damage your home, yard or health. Call Pointe Pest Control today.

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