10 Weird Facts About Spiders

10 Weird Facts About Spiders

The city of West Chicago is all abuzz for Halloween! And we at Pointe Pest Control are joining in the spirit – with these ten weird facts about SPIDERS. (You’re welcome!)

1 – There are more than 37,000 known species of spiders on our planet, and unless you live in Antarctica, chances are they always outnumber you.

2 – A NASA study showed that spiders can survive even beyond our planet. Nefertiti was a jumping spider that was sent into space for 100 days to see how a spider would survive low-gravity conditions. Within a few days, she was catching flies and building webs like an old pro.

3 – We all know that black widows got their name from their tendency to eat their mates. But did you know that if a red widow female isn’t hungry, the male will sometimes force her to eat him? Talk about a weird relationship.

4 – The largest spider, the Goliath birdeater, gets its name from its ability to snatch birds straight out of their nests. It’s the size of a dinner plate – not something you’d want to stumble over in the night.

5 – Luckily, the Goliath birdeater is relegated to rainforests in South America, but the largest house spider ever found was almost as terrifying, measuring five inches across.

6 – Spiders have big brains in proportion to their body size, which explains their ability to make such intricate webs. In some spiders, the brain takes up most of the body, so other organs overflow into the legs.

7 – If spider silk were equal to steel in density and size, it would be five times as strong. Sort of makes you grateful that we’re the big ones, doesn’t it?

8 – Just like crustaceans, spiders eventually outgrow their outer shell and shed it. So don’t panic if you find an empty spider in your house. (Unless it’s a big empty Goliath birdeater spider, of course.)

9 – Some types of spiders like to team up and build communities, spanning entire trees and sometimes even towns.

10 – Jumping spiders can jump 50 times their length. That would be like a human leaping across a football field.

If you’re getting spooked by your own spider problems, contact the experts at Pointe Pest Control. We’ll help you find points of entry and make your house less “arachnid haunted.”

Happy Halloween!

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