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Odorous Ant

Ant Color
1/16 - 1/8" long
Ant Size
Ant Legs
Very Not
Ant Danger
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Odorous ants gets its name from its scent. Many relate the smell to its strong rotten coconut like smell when it is crushed. These pests are described as dark brown to black and range in size from 1/16" - 1/8" long. These ants enjoy eating sweets such as sugar and honeydew. You want to be sure to throw away any foods if these ants get into it, as they easily contaminate what they touch. You won't see these ants for very long as they tend to move their entire colony every few months depending on the rain and the weather. Odorous ants aren't physically dangerous as they do not bite or sting but they can become extremely annoying when you see them traveling under your roof in large numbers.

Signs of Infestation:

Some of the most common signs of an odorous ant infestation is seeing these ants in your home, especially after rainfall. These ants are most likely to come out after wet conditions and are rarely seen in dry conditions. If you see many of these ants close to a heat source, hot water pipes, or under the floor, this may be an indication of an infestation. These ants forage throughout the day in different patterns or in trails and can travel extremely far. If you see flying swarms, which is their way of mating, this will be your biggest sign of an infestation.

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