Top 5: Places to Check for Bed Bugs

Top 5: Places to Check for Bed Bugs

Are you waking up each morning covered in new bite marks? When you examine your sheets do you find small reddish brown spots? If both are true, you might have bed bugs. When you sleep, they come out to eat and you are their favorite food. There are a lot of bugs that bite, if you want to find out if bed bugs are the culprit here are five top places to check brought to you by your pest eradication friends at Pointe Pest Control.



Sounds obvious enough, yet you will have to do more than simply stare at your bed to find a bed bug. Pull off the sheets and check around the box springs. Since bed bugs hate light, make certain you search in areas that are hidden and hard to reach. Use your trusty flashlight, and look for a small flat bug about the size of an apple seed.


Bed bugs want to be close to their food. Your nightstands are the perfect place. Pull out the drawers and shine your flash light up into the dark corners. Bed bugs sometimes hide in groups. Be on the lookout for solo bugs and groups.


If you have framed pictures, paintings, or shelving on the wall around your bed, that is your next place to look. Remove your pictures or painting from the wall and check behind them. The same goes for your shelving, bed bugs can fit in the space between it and the wall.


Pull your entire bed back from the wall and check along the base boards. If you have an electrical outlet hidden behind your bed, it might be hiding bed bugs. Turn off the electricity to your room, remove the faceplate and shine your flash light inside the power box.


Bed bugs are hitchhikers. That is how they get around. They might hitch a ride on your clothes to a new area. Remove the cushions and thoroughly check your couch. If you found bed bugs and you are tired of being the main course, the next step is to call Pointe Pest Control. We have the most effective and current bed bug control options that will eradicate the biting bed bug from your bedroom and house. Call us today.

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