Do Bed Bug Bites Itch? 

Do Bed Bug Bites Itch?

The fear of bedbugs is a completely rational, logical fear because bedbugs can be encountered in many places other than beds or hotels. Bedbugs can found in movie theaters, public transportation, retail stores, second hand stores and even medical facilities. Bed bugs are the most experienced hitchhikers so if you happen to unknowingly meet one (or a few), they will do everything they can to hang on and come home with you. And when they get home, and they bite because they definitely will, how do you know? Do bed bugbites itch?

Yes, They Itch, but not Immediately

When bed bugs bite, it is initially painless. You won’t feel anything. A bedbug’s bite contains anticoagulants to make your blood clot so it doesn’t continuously bleed. This substance helps the bite to be painless, keeping you asleep so this bedbug and all of its friends can keep feeding off of you without you knowing it. How does that make you feel? Homeowners panic when they find out they have bedbugs because just this thought alone is enough to drive you certifiably insane. No one wants to share their bed with someone who is not invited.

Watch for Itchy, Red Welts

When you wake up in the morning is when the itching might be felt. By this time, the bedbugs will be back in their hiding place and you will be unaware as to why you are itching. In fact, you might blame your itching on several things before you actually figure it out. From mosquito bites to eczema, bedbug bites can masquerade as other things and are tricky to identify.

Clues to Identify Bites

Unlike flea bites, which are concentrated primarily around the ankles, bedbug bites will appear anywhere on your body. Anywhere your body is exposed under your sheets, a bedbug will bite. Typically you will notice bedbug bites in small clusters of in a zigzag pattern. The itching is actually your body’s allergic reaction to the anticoagulant the bedbug uses when it bites. Over time you will become increasingly more sensitive to the bite and the itch will become more severe. Getting rid of them is more and more urgent as time goes on.

You Must Call the Professionals

Getting rid of bedbugs on your own is difficult, almost impossible on your own. At Pointe Pest Control, we are experienced at removing even the most difficult infestations. We know where to look, our methods and treatments are effective and guaranteed, and you will be free of these terrible night sleeps and itching bites before you know it. Don’t delay another minute, give us a call today! For pest control, you can trust Pointe Pest Control.

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