Think Your Home is Spider Free? Don’t Be So Sure!

Think Your Home is Spider Free? Don’t Be So Sure!

It’s now February, and it’s quite possible that your home has been blissfully spider-free during the winter months. If you were seeing spiders during the other seasons, however, think again. Those spiders aren’t gone – they’re just sleeping… sort of.

If you’re a spider, fall is for breeding and spring is for hatching. During the winter months, spiders in Elmhurst and other cold-weather areas overwinter – in other words, they turn on a sort of “anti-freeze” mechanism in their bodies that allows them to resist freezing. Unlike many other cold-blooded creatures, who die as their body temperatures drop in freezing weather, many spiders can survive all winter long by keeping still under leaves, behind bark, or in your attic or crawl spaces. This also conserves their energy in preparation for warmer climates, when food becomes more abundant.

Because your home is not the outdoors, it’s also possible that the spiders in your home are as active as ever, which could explain any encounters you may have had with spiders in your home this season.

If you had spiders in the fall and have enjoyed their winter absence, don’t relax just yet! Winter is a great season to get your home inspected and root out any hibernating insects before they resurface in the spring. Our expert technicians provide regular ongoing services to protect your home and keep out unwelcome guests in any season. Contact us today to learn more.

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