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Brown Recluse

Light Brown
‎24.2 mm
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION The Brown Recluse earned its name for its shyness and being reclusive. This house spider prefers to live in dark corners and under furniture indoors with humans living amongst them. In comparison to other spiders, the brown recluse has six equal sized eyes arranged in three pairs. One way you can tell this spider apart from others is the violin marking that lays on top of their head. This pest is about a quarter in size and ranges from a light brown to brown color. If you spot one brown recluse in the right environment, chances are there are many more lingering around. They can survive up to six months without any food or water. This type of insect is non aggressive and is not on the pursuit to hurt anyone. However, if they feel threatened, they will bite. This is extremely dangerous for humans because they are poisonous and not only will it be a painful bite, you could get disfiguring skin ulcers and occasionally there has been cases where there are life threatening complications. If you come across a brown recluse, we recommend that you don't try to kill it with over the counter sprays. The spiders bite is extremely serious so contacting a professional pest company is your best move.

Signs of Infestation:

Brown recluses are spiders that are hardly ever seen. They like to lay low and stay away from traffic as much as possible. The most obvious sign of an infestation will be just seeing them around your home. If they are coming out of their hiding spots, this is the biggest sign of an overcrowding problem in their nest area. The reason why you must be alert to an infestation is because a brown recluse bite could be deadly. Along with hiding and staying low from traffic, brown recluses will only come out during the night.

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