One tiny ant seems easy enough to deal with. Unfortunately, if one made its way into your home or business, there’s likely a trail following after it.

Then there are the spiders, mice, cockroaches, and flies you have to contend with as well. These bugs and critters can easily infest your home or business to make it their own.

According to a CDC-sponsored survey, 50 percent of homes in two major American cities were infested with rats and mice. You could have a problem and not even realize it!

Eager to get rid of these pests before they attack? With our pest prevention guide, you can keep the creepy crawls and rodents away. Keep your home or business safe with our 10 easy tips!

Pest Infestation Signs

While it’s important to know how to prevent pests, it also helps to know what to look out for in case you already have a problem. Here are a few signs to look out for in case of a pest infestation.


With a cockroach infestation, you’ll likely see small egg castings in or around the property. These shells are often black, brown, or dark red.

You’ll also see small droppings similar to black pepper grains.

If you smell strong, oily odors, you might also have a cockroach infestation.


If you’re seeing flies buzzing around your property, you already know you have a problem. It’s also important to look for a large number of flies around garbage cans or waste containers. While seeing a few flies around doesn’t mean you have an infestation, large quantities that appear consistently can indicate a problem.


Hearing the sound of little feet pitter-pattering against tiles or behind walls? You might have a rodent problem.

Rodents can spread more than 35 diseases, so it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Keep watch for small, black droppings. If you have a mice infestation, the droppings will appear the size of rice grains. With rats, the droppings are the size of jelly beans. The smell of ammonia, or rodent urine, can indicate an infestation as well.

Also, make sure to look for nests. Rodents will use lint and fabric materials from around your property to make their own little beds.

Pest Prevention Tips

Now that you know how to spot pests, let’s talk about getting rid of them. Here are a few ways you can prevent pests from infesting your home or business.

1. Block Entryways

You wouldn’t walk an uninvited guest straight through your door, so why invite pests? The first step to proper pest prevention is to make it difficult for them to find an entry point in the first place.

To keep the bugs at bay, take a walk around your property.

If there’s a hole in one of your door or window screens, repair it immediately. Don’t forget to check the framework of the doors and windows as well. Checking these areas for gaps can help you replace stripping where it’s needed.

By blocking your entryways, you can block pests away, too.

2. Keep it Clean

Whether you own a restaurant or cook at home, it’s important to keep your kitchen clean. Even the smallest pile of crumbs is an invitation to insects. Instead of waving a flag and inviting these critters in, keep your countertops and floors clear and clean.

If you can keep crumbs and food clear from your kitchen, pests will look elsewhere for a meal.

Make sure to wipe the counters and sweep the floors regularly. After you cook, make sure to put food away in air-tight containers. Take the trash out as needed as well.

3. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes love water. In fact, standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes, allowing them to spread throughout your property.

Make it a regular routine to check your home or business for standing water. Rain spouts are often a good place to start. Don’t forget your air conditioning unit as well.

If your kids leave toys outside, make sure to clear them away and dry them down.

4. Maintain the Landscaping

Overgrowth in your yard or business’ walkway also creates a home for pests and their nests. For proper pest prevention, make sure to trim the bushes and trees around your property.

Don’t forget to rake up any debris and clear away weeds, too!

5. Eat Up

Leaving your fruits and veggies on the counter to ripen can invite pests. No one wants to deal with fruit flies.

Make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables before they have the chance to over-ripen, or keep them in the fridge.

6. Store Firewood Away

Firewood can invite termites into your home. Make sure to store the wood in racks instead of on the ground. It’s also best to store firewood away from your home or shed, preferably with a five feet distance.

7. Time it Right

When food goes bad, our first instinct is to toss it out. However, leaving meat to rot in the sun while you wait for trash pick-up can invite pests into your yard.

Instead, wait to place your trash outside when you know garbage pick-up is on the way.

8. Take a Look

Check your swing sets and outdoor furniture regularly as well. You might notice spider webs or egg sacs attached to these possessions. Clear them away as soon as possible.

9. Don’t Invite Them In

Your child’s outdoor toys should stay outside. If you do bring a toy or piece of furniture inside, make sure to wipe it down first. Otherwise, you’re inviting the pests in.

10. Call a Professional

One of the most effective methods for ongoing pest prevention is to call the professionals. Consider hiring a local pest control company to spray for bugs and rodents.

Allowing professionals to spray your home instead of doing it yourself can cause health issues.

This way, you’ll have the peace of mind your home is protected.

Pest Prevention for Homes & Businesses: Your Guide to Pestering Pests

Put these pest prevention tips to the test! Try them out to make sure your home or business remains pest-free.

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