How Do Mice Squeeze Through Such Small Holes? 

How Do Mice Squeeze Through Such Small Holes?

When you see that furry little mouse running through your home, you might ask yourself an important question. That is, you will ask yourself an important question after you step down from the chair and stop screaming. Don’t worry, we won’t criticize your fear, mice carry nearly 200 pathogens that can make you sick. When your fear has decreased, you might begin to wonder how on earth that furry mouse got inside of your home. You may even wander around the outside your home looking at the perimeter, only to discover that everything looks normal. Looks can be deceiving.

It is all About Size

If seeing a mouse makes you terrified, the next set of facts are not going to help you. An adolescent mouse can fit its body through a hole that is the size of a pen. An adult mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime. If there is a gap in your foundation, or a space around your gas pipes that is the size of a nickel, you will definitely be sharing your breakfast with a mouse. If the hole find isn’t big enough, they can use their sharp teeth to make it larger.

Furry Fuzz

When you look at a mouse you notice that they have a lot of fur. That “poofy” fur hides the size of their body. If you were to shave the hair off a mouse you would notice that they are small. You easily decrease the diameter of a mouse by two thirds once the hair is gone. Once they are inside your home, a female mouse can produce nearly 60 offspring in a year. Each new mouse is able to reproduce when it is only 2 months old. It won’t take long for you to have an infestation.

Did you say Collarbones?

Another trait that allows mice to enter into your home is they lack collarbones. When you try to squeeze through an opening, your head might fit, but your body is as wide as your shoulders. If your shoulders can fit through an opening, the rest of your body will follow. Mice don’t have collarbones, so they can fit through an opening that is the size of their head. Once their head is in, the rest of their body can easily follow.

Mice Control

If your Chicago home has an infestation of mice, there is a solution. When you need Pest Control in West Chicago, Pointe Pest Control offers a comprehensive solution. We can say comprehensive, because our first step is to eliminate the mice in your home. Once we have that under control, our skilled technicians will do a perimeter search around your home. They will find all of the entry points and areas that have the potential to become entrances. Once we find the way the mice are getting inside, we close up the holes. With Pointe Pest Control on your side, your home will soon be free of rodents.

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