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Next Stop, Rodent Elimination

If you need a break from the ordinary this weekend, take you family to see history come alive at the Batavia Railroad Depot Museum. If you have mice, rats or other rodents sneaking into your home, stealing your food and living inside your walls, a call to Pointe Pest Control will eliminate the problem and allow you to enjoy your home once again.

Two Types of Trouble

Jumping on a chair when a mouse or rats scurries past is not a bad idea. Rodents are trouble makers. The way the cause destruction is to your home. Mice and rats love to chew. They gnaw into food; bite their way through walls and into your attic and are out to ruin your home. Your home has electrical wires running throughout the walls and ceiling. For some reason, rats and mice like to chew into the wires. If a wire is cut, the electricity can arc and cause a spark. Your home could burn down because of a rat. It has been estimated that rodents cause twenty percent of all unknown house fires. The second type of trouble caused by rodents is disease. Rats and mice carry more than 26 nasty diseases that can make you sick and ruin your health. Rodents defecate while the eat , everything they get into will be laced with diseases.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"We have utilized Pointe Pest Control for some time now, and Fernando is always polite, professional and diligent. He always checks with us to see if there are any areas inside or out that need immediate attention. He is an exceptional employee who seems to truly care about his work." -Christopher & Anita stars  

Pointe Pest Control is your stop for Rodent Eradication

If rodents have found a way into your home and are causing problems, we have a solution. Our certified technicians understand rodents. They also know how to eliminate the problem from your home and yard. We will identify rodent hot spots and find the pathways they are using to gain access to your home. Once our technicians find how they are getting into your home, they will stop them. We will seal the holes and keep them from getting in. We will also eliminate the rodents inside your home. We have a variety of solutions and will help you decide on a treatment plan that will fit your needs. Make that rodent infestation history, with Pointe Pest Control’s Batavia rodent control.

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