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Batavia, Illinois is home to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Great things are constantly happening at this lab in the field of physics and science. The world renowned research is mind boggling and open to the public to come tour and learn. Adults and children alike visit daily and stand there utterly fascinated, learning of the unbelievable technological research during the informative tours. If you’re a science nerd, the extraordinary miracles of nature easily captivate you, so when a hive of wasps have fashioned a complex home of hexagonal holes so perfectly measured and constructed, it’s tempting to take a closer peek. But to our science loving friends, beware! There are many types of wasps, some of which can be rather aggressive. Taking care to avoid an attack is very important and establishing wasp control measures is a must.

Wasp danger

Wasps are often viewed as a worthless, honeyless, annoying “bee” but this can not be further from the truth. They can be useful in your garden, consuming dead insects and eating flies. However, their sting can be incredibly painful and for those allergic to bee stings, it can be deadly. Wasp venom contains a pheromone that causes other wasps to become more aggressive. Swatting at wasps near the nest could be a catastrophe. If you are stung, you can treat it with deodorant containing aluminium. If you begin to notice other symptoms after a sting, you could be dealing with anaphylactic shock and need immediate treatment. Special care should be taken when dealing with wasps. At Pointe Pest Control, our technicians can take care of the wasp nests around your home with a professional, safe approach. We take care of all the stress and worry.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"We have utilized Pointe Pest Control for some time now, and Fernando is always polite, professional and diligent. He always checks with us to see if there are any areas inside or out that need immediate attention. He is an exceptional employee who seems to truly care about his work." -Christopher & Anita stars  

Guaranteed work

When you call Pointe Pest Control, we promise to take care of all your pest infestation worries. We perform thorough inspections to make sure everything is taken care of and your home is pest free when we are finished. We appreciate our customers and strive to keep your business for years to come. Schedule routine inspections will ensure a pest free home throughout the year in all seasons. Call us ASAP and let our Batavia wasp control technicians help you get rid of your wasp infestations!

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