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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Centipedes can be very scary to look at, as they are worms with a hundred legs. They are long, flat, and range from a light yellow to dark and reddish brown. They have a pair of antennas on their heads and are extremely quick on their feet. They are not out to harm people, however, if they feel threatened they will bite. The bites are not life threatening but will cause extreme pain in the affected area. When outdoors, these pests will usually be found under rocks, damp areas, and logs. For house centipedes, they will live their whole life indoors and reproduces much quicker than outdoor ones. Centipedes don't damage food supplies or other household items. They will eat up other insects you have around your home. If you believe you have a centipede infestation, we recommend that you contact a pest control professional.

Signs of Infestation:

A centipede infestation occurring in or around your home could have you walking on your tip toes. These creatures are afraid of homeowners and really don't mean any harm. However, if they're scared they will give out a painful bite. Some signs you want to look out for when you have an infestation is possibly seeing more insects around the house. Centipedes feed on them so if you see more insects, you might also see more centipedes. If you think you have an infestation, you could set glue traps around your home which could help you figure out the population you're dealing with. Other things you could do is eliminate standing water around your home or in the gutters. Moisture in a building's foundation could be attracting more centipedes to your home.

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