Most Common Summer Pests in the Chicago Area

Most Common Summer Pests in the Chicago Area

Summer means you can spend time in your yard doing the types of activities you and your family love. Unfortunately, summertime also brings out a lot of pests. Some you will find in your yard, while others you will find trying to invade your home. No matter what type of insect, arachnid, or rodent is causing you concern, Pointe Pest Control is your answer when you need pest control in Chicago.

Outdoor Pests

  • Yellow Jackets and Wasps: Few outside pests are as aggravating and frightening as stinging insects. Wasps build their nests along the eaves of your home and within dense vegetation. Yellow jackets like to build their nests underground in old rodent dens. No matter what type of wasps is causing you concern, our technicians will eliminate the problem and keep them from coming back. We can help you declare a no fly zone around your home.
  • Mosquitoes: You might hate the itchy welt left by a mosquito, but the real problem is the diseases they transmit. Mosquitoes are vectors for illnesses. If you are planning an outdoor activity in your yard, you can call us and we will eliminate the problem. Your family and friends will thank you.
  • Black Widows: If you see haphazard, messy spider webs, that is the first sign of a black widow. If you want to find out if the web holds a black widow, wait until night falls and go out with a flashlight. Black widows often hide during the daylight hours and come out at night. Bites from black widow spiders are dangerous; protect your family by calling Pointe Pest Control.

Indoor Pests

  • Bed Bugs: Though bed bugs do not transmit disease, knowing that a six legged insect is sucking your blood while you sleep is more than most people can handle. Our bed bug control methods are time tested and proven. If you have an infestation of bed bugs, Pointe Pest Control has the experience and technology to knock them out of your home.
  • Ants: If you accidently spill a few crumbs on your floor, and soon find lines of ants marching through your kitchen, it might be time for you to call Pointe Pest Control. You can spend all day vacuuming ants, but more will keep coming. That is why we target the queen of the hive. Once she is eliminated, the entire colony will crash. For effective ant control, think Point Pest Control.
  • Rodents: Few infestations are as destructive as mice or rats. They love to chew. They will bite into you furniture, gnaw holes into your drywall and steal your food. Rodents also spread numerous deadly diseases that can ruin your health. If rodents are causing problems in your Chicago home, our technicians will take care of the rodents inside and discover the ways they are getting in. Once we find their entry ways we will seal them up to ensure that your home remains free of rats and mice.

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