4 Tricks to Eliminate Asian Lady Beetles in Your Home

4 Tricks to Eliminate Asian Lady Beetles in Your Home

As the weather in Aurora continues to warm up, you may be noticing a little red spotted beetle both around your house and inside your home. It looks like a ladybug, but this particular species is not so ladylike – if you have an indoor infestation, you’re almost certainly dealing with the Asian lady beetle. If you’re ready to take back your space, here are 4 control measures you can implement today:

1. Vacuum them up

Since Asian lady beetles secrete an unpleasant yellowish fluid when they’re disturbed, the best way to get them out of your home is with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to change the vacuum bag each time you use this method to prevent the beetles from flying back into your home. Fortunately, the beetles don’t actually reproduce indoors, so this can help you completely eradicate a smaller infestation.

2. Seal entry points

This is the best time of year to look around for cracks and openings around your home, since this will prevent more beetles from overwintering in your walls come fall. Seal cracks around windows, doors, utility pipes, and your foundation with caulk, and seal larger holes with cement or copper mesh. Check all of your window and door screens for gaps and tears as well.

3. Set some traps

Asian lady beetles, like moths, are attracted to light, so some homeowners have taken advantage of light traps – a bulb that lures the bugs into a jar from which they can’t escape. A quick online search will show you how to make your own, or you can purchase a commercial version. Another option is glue traps – a simple adhesive on a cardboard sheet that insects get easily stuck to.

4. Try repellant

Some people have had a little success with repellants such as camphor and menthol. The problem is that this method won’t reach the insects inside your walls, and when the repellant evaporates it loses its effectiveness. The most fool proof method for eliminating Asian lady beetles in your home is to contact your local experts at Pointe Pest Control. We’ll identify entry points and get rid of your “unladylike” problem safely and effectively. Contact us today.

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