Carpenter Bee

1/2-1 inch
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumblebees but there are a few differences between the two. Bumblebees are social creatures and are larger than carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are not social creatures and instead of building their nests underground, they will construct it in nests or trees. The top of the carpenter bees abdomen is usually a shiny black color and hairless. Whereas a bumblebees is covered in hair and usually yellow. If you notice that you have large bees hovering around the eaves of your house and drilling wood, it is likely that you have carpenter bees. Male bees are unable to sting and are usually the ones that are noticed. They are the ones that will dart after any insect or person that wanders into their territory. The females are able to sting but rarely do unless she feels as though she is provoked.

Signs of Infestation:

Signs of a carpenter bee infestation is easily identified by holes in wood which is where they enter. There will also be sawdust on the ground where they drill their holes as well as a combination of pollen and bee excrement. Of course the most obvious sign of a carpenter bee infestation is seeing a handful of these bees lingering around. They are very important pollinators and are beneficial to agriculture, however, they can also cause a lot of structural damage. Woodpeckers eat carpenter bees so along with a carpenter bee infestation, you may also get woodpeckers drilling holes in any kind of wood.

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