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A family favorite in Wheaton is Studio Movie Grill. It’s a place where families can sit back and relax all while watching a movie on the big screen and getting food delivered to them. It really is a great place to hide and relax to get away from work, bills and cleaning. Similar to people, bed bugs also enjoy hiding. However, they hide in places we really don’t want them to be.

Their favorite hiding spots are behind wallpaper, your mattress, and in the joints of your bed frame. During the night, they will feast on your blood and when you wake up, you’ll find yourself with itchy welts and no bed bugs in sight. Wheaton’s bed bug control experts at Pointe Pest Control are the best in getting rid of these unwanted pests.

Useful Information on Bed Bugs

These pests are the best in the game when it comes to hide and seek. They travel with luggages or clothes from a trip you may have taken, without you seeing. No matter how hard you try to find them, they will always outsmart you. The best way for you to know if you have bed bugs is to check your mattress and sheets. If you happen to see tiny red blood spots, it is likely that they were crushed and it could be a sign that you have them.

You want to be sure that as soon as you think you have bed bugs, you get rid of them. A female bed bug can lay 500 eggs in six months, which could become a serious problem. Here at Pointe Pest Control, we have all the solutions to getting rid of these bugs and kicking them out.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"A Pointe tech came to my house for a follow up on a mouse problem. He did a thorough job and found our where the mice were coming in the house. He corrected the situation and made my house as tight as Fort Knox. I just wanted to say thank you again. I know that I can rest in peace there will be no mice in my house." -Vickie stars  

Solution to Bed Bugs

Wheaton’s Bed Bug Control experts at Pointe Pest Control use environmentally safe products that are 100% effective when it comes to eliminating bed bugs. We use portable heating units that produce 120 degrees of heat that is lethal to bed bugs and their eggs after just one minute.

If you want to rest easy, and go to Studio Movie Grill without bed bugs on your mind, give us a call today and we will take care of the problem right away!

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