Heat is Our Weapon of Choice for Bed Bugs

Heat is Our Weapon of Choice for Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are everywhere today. They find themselves into the cleanest, nicest and most well kept homes you can imagine. Discovering bedbugs in your home can happen to anyone, and it does. Bedbugs have turned up in planes, luxury hotels, and office buildings. In any one of these cases an unsuspecting victim will then take these bugs and introduce them to their own home and family. Most Bed Bug infestations are the result of either traveling yourself or welcoming a house-guest that has no intentions of introducing them, but bed bugs can hitch a ride on anything. Purses, laptops (keyboards), luggage, pillows, blankets (baby blankets), diaper bags, and the list goes on and on.

With Pointe Pest Control and our Guaranteed Heat Remediation Treatment, we will take care of the problem in 1 Day. The only way to effectively rid your home of Bed Bugs is by heating the entire home. Chemical treatments will not kill eggs, and you will never reach every adult bed bug with chemicals or steam. Over time pests can become more resistant to chemical based treatments. This does not happen with thermal remediation bedbugs are drawn to the heat which is part of what makes it such an effective solution. That’s not all though; the heat will also penetrate and destroy any bedbugs within walls, electrical outlets, heating and cooling ducts, furniture and all the other areas inside your home where chemical and steam treatments will never work.

Did we mention with Heat Remediation Treatment it’s a 1 day service. We provide all the information, along with detailed videos to guide you through this process. There is a process to safely and effectively treat your home. Most of that process will land squarely on our highly trained technicians shoulders, but it begins with you.

First we need to confirm that bed bugs are in the home:

  • Take a picture of a bedbug, either alive or dead, and send it to us. Often times people can mistake some beetles, lice, and nymph roaches for bedbugs at different phases of their life cycle.
  • Bed bugs prefer warm and cozy places. Electrical outlets and electronics generate heat which attracts them while they are not feeding. Peak feeding time is 2AM-5AM, because that is when most people are asleep in their beds. After feeding they retreat to their hiding spot again.
  • Locate fecal matter often found on the edges of mattresses and box springs or couches. Anytime an infestation has gone undetected or not treated effectively there will be fecal matter evident in the home. The dark colored feces is digested blood meal and easily stains linens on beds, couches and chairs.
  • Bites can often be mis-diagnosed, so it is best to always locate and confirm there is bedbug activity. Some people in the home may not show any signs of bites while others may be seeing them every night. The best explanation for this is quite simply they like some of us better. This really isn’t always the case and some just have softer or more sensitive skin that either a bug prefers or shows bites more easily.

Then we can begin the process of going through the list of items that will need to be treated with an alternative method or discarded. Due to the level of heat (up to 135*) for up to 6 hours. We recommend removing particular items. Most can still be treated either with heat or alternatively, but may be moved to the garage for all of; or for a portion of the treatment.

  • Wax based products will melt. Crayons, candles, etc.
  • Instruments. Violins, Guitars, etc.
  • Paintings, art work, Heirlooms, If you are concerned, so are we. So please ask and we can guide you through this process.
  • Finally, on the morning of your appointment our technicians will arrive in discreet service trucks with the necessary equipment and expertise to finish the job and take back your home. After a short meet and greet and discussion of any specific concerns you may have, we take over. At this time you will leave the home, taking with you as little as possible.
  • Leave your purses, backpacks, lunchboxes, anything you don’t absolutely need. We don’t want you to risk re-introducing the bed bugs by taking them to work with you, and then bringing them back after the treatment has been completed. The clothes you wear that day should come straight out of the dryer or from a sealed bag.
  • Electronics do not need to be removed from the home. Televisions, dvd players, computers etc. should all be turned off and or unplugged this will keep the cooling fans from running, which can cause premature failure to the fan.
  • The heat in your home is comparable to the inside of a parked car on a hot day.Once you leave, our technicians begin their task of placing heaters, fans and temperature sensors throughout your home.
  • All of our equipment is powered by a generator which we bring with us and accommodations may need to be made in order to park our White Label Service Trucks.
  • After our techs have confirmed the home has been brought up to fatal temp for the bed bugs, we will then hold that temperature for 4-6 hours. During this time our technician is monitoring sensors for cold spots, adjusting fans, and moving furniture and cushions allowing the heat to better penetrate areas or objects.
  • Mature bed bugs exposed to 113* die within 90 minutes of consistent exposure.
  • Bed bug eggs must be exposed to 118* for 90 minutes to be 100% lethal.
  • Remember, bed bugs are drawn to heat. So, while some pests may scurry away or find a way outside; our targets are closing in on the very weapon themselves.

What are you waiting for?

Now you know how it works, so don’t wait. Call one of our friendly team members today to begin the process of taking back your home. For a single family home we can discuss pricing, forward our checklists and videos, and schedule an appointment right over the phone to provide heat remediation treatment at your home. We are also happy to help guide you through the process of heating a rental property, office building, or anywhere else they might find their way next.

Still not convinced?

In order to treat your home for bed bugs with a traditional chemical treatment requires a minimum of 2-3 visits to target the bugs as they mature. Chemical treatments are not effective on Bedbug eggs! So, during this time you are living with the eggs and nymph bed bugs, assuming they killed the adults. Hoping, your technician comes back at just the right time to treat, before that generation lays more eggs. It can become a living nightmare. Trying to rid your home of bedbugs with chemical treatments will take months upon months of spraying chemicals in your home, throwing away beds and couches, spreading the bugs to your family and friends, and likely not sleeping that recommended 8 hours a night.

With Pointe Pest Control and our unmarked Special Pest Division, to maintain your privacy we can cut this nightmare down to a couple of days preparing and 1 single day to completely wipe out all of the bedbugs and their eggs.Concerned with the cost? Well guess what, we get it. Heat Remediation can be expensive, but we don’t want you to just consider these pests your new roommates. We are happy to work out a payment plan that will work for you, so you can start living again.

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