As fall settles on Kenilworth, you may be seeing box elder bugs flocking to the warm walls of your home in droves, maybe even making it through the door or walls to pester you indoors. If this is the case, don’t fall prey to these 5 myths about eliminating box elder bugs:

1. A chemical treatment will get rid of bugs in my home.

A chemical product treatment around the perimeter of your home can be a practical solution when carefully following the label’s instructions, but should never, ever be used inside the home.

2. Soapy water will kill box elder bugs.

Sure, some soap and water sprayed on a few bugs may drown them or get them off your wall for a few minutes, but it’s not an effective long- term solution, especially for larger groups of bugs.

3. How about mothballs?

If you try using mothballs to rid your home of box elder bugs, you’ll only end up with a bad smell and a giant infestation.

4. …Or bug bombs?

Bug bombs cause a mess and will only drive the bugs further into your wall, waiting to reappear until the bomb has died down and they can safely show their faces again.

5. Maybe I can just squish them on sight then.

Out of doors, this would be an ineffective solution, but one that might bring you some sense of satisfaction. Indoors, however, stomping on a bug may only make you angrier. Box elder bugs produce a staining dye when crushed that can make a fine mess on carpeted areas.

If your home is being infested with box elder bugs, try vacuuming (with the hose attachment only), or using a paper towel to scoop them up quickly. If the problem is out of hand, give Pointe Pest Control a call. Our experts will advise you on proper prevention measures and clean up your problem both inside and out.