Box Elder Bug

11-14 mm
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Box elder bugs aren't the most pleasant bugs to look at. They have black bodies marked with red lines on their thorax and sides. They are able to fly and have flat red wings. The biggest they grow to are about 11 to 14 mm long and they have two antennas. Box elder bugs usually make their nests in maple and ash trees during the warm weather and seek shelter during the winter. Most of these pests get indoors through cracks and holes of your home. While indoors, they won't intentionally damage anything, however, their droppings do leave stains on house items. Outdoors, they will feed on trees causing damage to some. The best way to reduce these bugs around your home is to get rid of any host trees. If they have already infested your area and you want to get rid of them, we recommend contacting a pest technician who can create a treatment to eliminate them.

Signs of Infestation:

The most obvious sign of a box elder bug infestation is seeing a large number of these pests around. They are most often found during the fall on the side of buildings where the sun shines most. If they make their way into homes, they will most likely infest storage sheds and garages. They like homes that have more sunlight beaming in. They will usually be found in homes to find shelter for the winter and to stay warm. When they are indoors, they can damage household items by staining them with their excrement. Outdoors, box elder bugs damage maple, plum, and cherry trees, as this is what they feed on. If you have an infestation, we recommend you contact a pest professional to get rid of them. You also want to be sure to clean the floors of clutter and seal any holes in the walls of your home.

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