Top 4 Ways to Keep Rodents Out This Winter

Top 4 Ways to Keep Rodents Out This Winter

Chicago, Illinois is known as the windy city for a reason – and at this time of year, that means humans and critters alike are drawn to the comfort (and food) of a warm home.

If you’re worried about mice and rats infiltrating your home this winter, here are some prevention measures you can take immediately:

    • 1. Keep a clean yard – Mice and rats often start with an inviting yard before making their way into your home. To avoid this slippery slope, make sure trash bins are tightly sealed and your yard and shed areas are free of clutter. Cutting back on foliage like ivy and Pachysandra can also help.

2. Fill in the cracks and holes – Mice have heads the size of a dime, so look around for any openings that size or bigger – such as gaps around your pipes. Stuff the area with copper wire mesh, available at the hardware store for $20 or under.

3. Keep food out of sight – Seal all the containers in your home that aren’t already in the refrigerator, and store pet food away at night.

4. Cover up the openings – Chimneys, windows, door sweeps, and vents are inviting openings for rodents. You can cover them for the winter with aluminum window screening. Make sure, too, to keep your garage door closed as often as possible.

If mouse or rat droppings are appearing in your home, or you’re seeing other telltale signs like holes in wood or fabric, you may have an infestation. Pointe Pest Control can help! Our methods are humane, effective, and harmless to your family and pets. If you need help with mice or rats this winter, call us immediately. We look forward to serving you.

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