Do You Have These Allergy-Causing Pests in Your Naperville Home?

Do You Have These Allergy-Causing Pests in Your Naperville Home?

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month – but if you deal with the symptoms of asthma or allergies on a regular basis, you don’t need a month to make you aware of your suffering. While ragweed, tree, and grass pollen in Naperville can hardly be avoided this time of year, if you have pest-related asthma or allergies, your misery might be preventable. Dust mites and cockroaches are often the worst culprits inside a home for triggering asthma and allergies, but there are things you can do to change that.

Cockroach allergens come from the insect’s droppings, saliva, and remains. Studies have shown that cockroaches live in as many as 78 to 98 percent of urban homes, with each home housing as many as 300,000 roaches. Plenty of roaches live quite happily in the suburbs as well. If you see a single roach in your kitchen, it’s safe to assume there are hundreds more hidden in the dark nooks and crannies of your home.

Symptoms of roach allergy include itchy skin, throat, and nose, and inflamed eyes and ears. In individuals with asthma, symptoms can be more severe and even lead to hospitalization.

How do you manage a cockroach allergy? The first step is to get rid of the problem. Call in a pest control expert to eradicate the roaches from your home. Then take measures to prevent future infestations by covering up all food and taking out your garbage nightly. Don’t take food outside of the kitchen, and immediately clean up any spills or crumbs. Find and repair leaks to avoid the accumulation of moisture, which roaches love.

The next most common asthma-triggering pest is the dust mite, a tiny bug found in carpets, pillows, curtains, furniture, and, of course, dust. Symptoms of dust mite allergy include congestion, cough, facial pressure, itchy, watery eyes, and postnasal drip. In individuals with asthma, you may have difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and coughing and wheezing. If wheezing rapidly worsens, it’s time to call a doctor.

There are measures you can take to prevent dust mites in your home. Avoid clutter at all costs. Vacuum at least once a week with a multi-layer allergen proof vacuum bag. Cover your pillows and mattress with a dust mite allergy proof cover, and wash your bedding in scalding hot water at least once a week. If you can help it, keep your home as free of carpets, rugs, and heavy curtains as possible.

Honor Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month by taking care of your preventable, pest-related allergies today. Contact Pointe Pest Control for a consultation. We’ll help you breathe easily (literally) again.

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