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Wheaton, Illinois has some impressive badges on its lapel, such as being named in CNNMoney one of “The Top Earning 25 Towns in the US” and along with vast recreational outlets which include a large zoo, parks, golf courses, a college, fine shopping and more, this city has it all. Residents are definitely proud of where they live. However, if you find a pest infestation, it can be incredibly embarrassing. Mice, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs and many more creatures living in colonies in your fine home can be absolutely humiliating. Many times, the infestation is NOT the homeowner’s fault. It’s simply because the pest found a way in and he likes your house as much as you do. There’s nothing embarrassing about it. We understand your feelings though and it’s our job to provide you with the best pest control and get these nasty bugs out of your home ASAP.

Make your home comfortable again

Seeing any kind of pest in your house is a downright nuisance. Even finding a single housefly can be so bothersome, you’ll chase it down with a flyswatter till you are victorious. But if that housefly finds a nice, hidden spot to lay eggs, you could find something infinitely more disgusting soon—maggots! Fly infestations are worrisome due to the great amount of pathogens and bacteria they carry. If a fly lands on your food, it has just dropped harmful germs all over the the delicious meal you will soon ingest. When you see dozens of flies all over your house, there could be a hidden infestation you’re unaware of. That’s when you need to call Pointe Pest Control in Wheaton.

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"A Pointe tech came to my house for a follow up on a mouse problem. He did a thorough job and found our where the mice were coming in the house. He corrected the situation and made my house as tight as Fort Knox. I just wanted to say thank you again. I know that I can rest in peace there will be no mice in my house.” -Vickie stars  

No stress infestation removal

Whether your problem is flies, mosquitoes, ants or any other pest, hand the control over to our Wheaton pest control experts. Store bought chemicals are often filled with carcinogens and can be toxic to your pets and family. With Pointe Pest Control, our technicians use only the safest, most gentle methods that won’t hurt your loved ones or the environment. Just because they aren’t poisonous to you however, doesn’t mean they won’t obliterate an infesting colony. We guarantee complete removal, you will not be disappointed. Call us today for a free estimate!

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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