St. Charles Bed Bug Control

When you are looking for a great place for entrainment in St. Charles, the Arcada Theater is certain to deliver. If you have bed bugs and are looking for a way to eradicate the problem, Pointe Pest Control is your local solution to any infestation.

Bed Bug Infestations

At one time, bed bugs were almost eliminated from America. Over time, their numbers have increased and you can find them almost everywhere. When you think of bed bugs, rundown motels might be the first place that comes to mind. Unfortunately, bed bugs are not limited to dirty places. You can find them in upscale hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, barracks, movie theaters, even your office. If you go to a place that has bed bugs, you might unknowingly bring them home. Bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers. They stow away in your luggage, or hide on your clothing. Once you bring them home, they find a place to hide. When night arrives, they come out for food and you are on their menu.

You might never see a bed bug; they hate light, are attuned to your sleep, and only emerge when you are resting. In addition, bed bugs are better at hiding than you are at finding them. The best way to know if you have bed bugs is to look for the signs of their presence. Bed bugs bite in linear patterns. You will notice lines of itchy bites on exposed skin. Your face, arms and legs are common targets. If you notice bites, pull back your sheets and look for reddish brown stains. Bed bugs defecate while they eat, and you will see the signs of their presence.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


"I was so surprised the technician dusted the cobwebs outside!!! No other outfit has done that before!!" -Sue stars  

Pointe Pest Control

Bed bugs are tricky pests. They are resilient and many pesticides are ineffective. Biologists recommend using professional services to eradicate infestations. That is where Pointe Pest Control can help. We understand bed bugs and know how to eradicate the problem. We use the most advanced treatment options that are safe for you, the environment and your family. When you want bed bug elimination done right, you need Pointe Pest Control’s St. Charles bed bug control service. Call today.

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