St. Charles Ant Control

The Creek Bend Nature Center in St. Charles, Illinois is a beautiful breath of fresh air from a busy life. Becoming one with nature and learning about our beautiful earth and the creatures and plants that cover our planet, makes for a fun filled day. The nature center displays hands-on exhibits that are interesting for all ages, as well as impressive, interpretive displays to look at. The nature and scenery of St. Charles are enjoyable to be sure, but that doesn’t mean we should live with that nature inside our homes. When you have ants, this is more nature than you care to see. The first sighting of ants in your home usually means there is a much bigger problem than meets the eye. One ant almost always has friends because when he finds food, a chemical pheromone he gives off, alerts the rest of his buddies and soon you have a swarm. Call Pointe Pest Control immediately for all your St. Charles ant control needs.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?

"I was so surprised the technician dusted the cobwebs outside!!! No other outfit has done that before!!" -Sue stars  

The ants are marching---get help!

Ants are ingenious, little devils and masters at finding food. A tiny little opening in any container is an open invitation to them. Once ants get into your food, that is a sad loss. Ants don’t like eating alone and soon it’s a smorgasbord family reunion right in your oatmeal container. When they take all that lovely food back to the ant colony, this will only help to expand the size of their group. Ant colonies grow quickly and soon you will have a serious problem. Store bought ant bait is often ineffective and hazardous to your family. Skip the grocery store garbage and call the professionals!

If ants have made their way into your home, the first step is figuring out how they are getting in. Your Pointe Pest Control technician will perform a thorough pest inspection to find all the entrance points that pests are getting in and seal them. Calling Pointe Pest Control for ant control is your best option since we specialize in safe, non-toxic treatments. We guarantee our services and love our customers. We will not quit till your ant problem is solved. Give us a call today for effective ant control!

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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