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Argentine Ant

Dark Brown
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1/16" long
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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Argentine ants are not native to the U.S. and get their name from the possibility of them being brought over from Argentina. Most are about 1/16" long and the queen ants are double in size, ranging from light to dark brown. These pests can adapt to almost any place indoors and/or outdoors. Argentine ants come from colonies of thousands and are extremely fast reproducers. These pests can eat nearly anything but are most keen for sweet and sugary foods. Many times you will smell a musty odor coming from these types of ants when they are killed. However, the one reason why you might want to keep them around is for the benefit they bring; their tendency to destroy and eat other insects that live amongst you such as termites and roaches.

Signs of Infestation:

Argentine ants are one of the most common pests to deal with, as many homeowners may see these ants return each year. Signs of an infestation could be visible trails of ants scavenging for shelter, food and/or water sources. Many times you will see these ants lined up going into cracks of homes, buildings and trees. These types of ants will usually make their way indoors if their outdoor nest is disturbed or if they find a better food source. Typically, the working ants usually live between one to two months, while a queen can live up to ten years.

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