Are Bed Bugs a Sign of Poor Sanitation or Hygiene? 

Are Bed Bugs a Sign of Poor Sanitation or Hygiene?

When you think of a bed bug infestation, the idea of a filthy or dilapidated home might come to mind. You might even think of the early Crystal Lake homes built by the early European settlers, Beman and Polly Tuttle Crandall. Unfortunately, bed bugs do not care if you home is old, new, dirty, or clean. All they want is to cuddle up next to you at night and have dinner at your expense.

The Rise of the Bed Bug

The chance of bringing bed bugs home with you is on the rise. If you take a bus to Chicago, guess what, bed bug have been known to infest public transportation. You might think twice before sitting on a bench on the L. Bed bugs have been found in office buildings, hotels, motels, schools, restaurants, movie theaters, and hospitals. There have even been cases when bed bugs have infested personal vehicles. If you are getting new bites while driving your car down Terra Cotta Avenue, don’t blame traffic, you might have bed bugs in your car.

Crouching Bed Bug Hidden Problem

If you go to a place that has bed bugs, you risk bringing them home with you. Bed bugs can’t fly or jump, but they are amazing hitchhikers. They will climb into your purse, briefcase, backpack, or laptop bag and hide out until they get hungry. They can even climb onto your clothing and hang out until you get home. Once you arrive home, that is when bed bugs find a place to hide. Imagine all of the places in your bedroom where you could hide an apple seed, and know you are getting an idea of how a bed bug hides. They can climb into electrical outlets, hide in your walls, disappear into box springs, and vanish into the cracks of your furniture.

Signs of an Infestation

The first sign that you have bed bugs are the bites. Bed bugs will bite you while you are sleeping or resting. Exposed areas, like your arms, face, and legs are usually where they strike. You will notice new bites each morning. Since there are a lot of insects that leave bite marks, you will want to look for a second sign, spots. When bed bugs feed they defecate. You will see reddish brown spots in your sheets, on your pajamas, or along the hard edges of your furniture. If you notice these two signs you have an infestation.

The Solution to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases; however, people with infestations often suffer from insomnia. The idea of insects drinking your blood each night is the stuff of nightmares. Homeowners struggle to get rid of bed bugs because they are tough to kill, that is why you need to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. If you have an infestation, we can get rid of it. Our technicians have a variety of treatment options that will eliminate bed bugs for good. We can find a removal solution to any infestation. When you want the best in bed bug control, pick up your phone and call Pointe Pest Control today.

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