Windy City Rated Worst City in U.S. for Bed Bugs

Windy City Rated Worst City in U.S. for Bed Bugs

The Windy City is famous for lots of awesome reasons—fantastic architecture, the White Sox, some of the best food on the planet, and a beautiful, waterfront skyline, just to name a few. Unfortunately, Chicago is also the recipient of a very unwelcome distinction: we’re the worst city in the U.S. for bed bugs.

Chicago earned the number one ranking for the fourth year in a row, an honor that no city wishes to claim. The bed bug issue is so urgent, in fact, that in 2013 Chicago passed a citywide bed bug ordinance, which outlines tenants’ responsibilities to help eliminate the bed bug problem. These responsibilities include:

  • To notify the landlord in writing of any suspected or known infestation in the tenants’ unit, clothing, furniture or personal property within 5 days
  • To notify the landlord in writing of any recurring or unexplained bites, stings or sores suspected to be caused by bed bugs
  • To cooperate with the landlord in the control, treatment, and eradication of bed bugs
  • To grant access at reasonable times upon reasonable notice for inspections and treatments/to not interfere
  • To prepare unit prior to treatment including:  cleaning, dusting, vacuuming
  • To properly dispose of personal property that cannot be treated or cleaned before the pest control services

Getting rid of bed bugs is incredibly difficult. They aren’t restricted by any level of cleanliness or income, and can be found in any home, apartment, or hotel. If you’ve got bed bugs, or even suspect you have bed bugs, call a professional at Pointe Pest Control today. We are experts at keeping your home bed bug free.

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