Naperville Rodent Control

Mice and rats are a serious health problem. That little ball of fur scurrying across your kitchen floor should be enough to make anyone jump onto the nearest chair. Hantavirus and Salmonellosis are only two of the concerns. According to the Center for Disease Control, rodents can directly and indirectly transmit over twenty-six different diseases. When rodents gain access to food, they urinate and defecate, contaminating the entire container. Rats continuously gnaw; they cause damage to wall interiors and will often chew on electrical cables. With Pointe Pest Control’s Naperville rodent control service, you will be given peace of mind.

The First Step

The first step in controlling rodents is to call Pointe Pest Control. When it comes to mice and rats, we are the solution. Our technicians know how to eradicate rodents. One of our Naperville rodent control technicians will arrive at your home and assess the problem. We’ll teach you how to identify vermin hot spots around your yard that act as source areas. We’ll perform a visual inspection around your home. If there is a crack or hole smaller than a nickel, a mouse can squeeze through it. If the space is the size of a dollar coin, you might wake up to find rats. If we find entry points, we’ll seal them up.

Say Goodbye to Rodents

One of the best practices for rodent reduction is to decrease their potential to find food. Immediately clean up after spills and store pet food after use. Store cereals and grain in heavy duty plastic containers that are thick enough to stop rodent teeth. Soon you’ll say goodbye to a terrible infestation.

Next, our technicians will begin the process of eradication. We’ll set up a variety of traps to ensure complete success. Our commitment is to get rid of the vermin and keep your family safe. Pointe Pest Control is a green company, we’re environmentally conscious. Our liquid treatments are botanical solutions with low toxicity. We use the latest technologies in ecofriendly pest control. We stand by our work. Don’t let rodents ruin your health (or sanity). Call Pointe Pest Control today.

















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