Recognizing Rodent Infestations – Rats, Mice, and More

Recognizing Rodent Infestations – Rats, Mice, and More

When you come upon a rodent infestation, it is devastation defined. If they’ve been able to destroy uninhibited for long periods of time, it will look like a mess of destruction and chaos. How do you know for sure what kind of rodent infestation you have? There are a few hints.

Chew Marks

Take notice of the chew marks on your belongings. This might be your first hint. Rodents chew through almost anything. Mice however, can chew through paper, boxes, and thin plastic so if you notice a lot of small chew marks, it most likely is a mice infestation. Rats however, have much stronger jaws and can pierce harder objects such as wood, thick plastic, and even concrete or cement. If you notice chew marks that are larger and through thicker materials, you could have a rat infestation.


Some rodents are not so sneaky and rather noisy. Chipmunks and squirrels for instance, don’t know how to mask their sounds and you will usually hear them when they invade your home or garage. Rats try to be sneaky but if they have made their way into your attic, you might notice the occasional thud above your head. You also might hear squeaking of mice or rats within your walls if you listen carefully. this is another key sign.

Where They Nest

Stumbling upon a mice nest is an obvious sign but other signs are not so obvious. Woodchucks love to burrow under your garage or shed so holes near the edge of these structures are good indicators. Also, voles are another common rodents are you can recognize them by road-like patterns in your lawn. If you see sudden messy rain gutters on your roof, you could have a roof rat infestation. Looking for rodent infestation signs helps prevent them from getting out of hand.

Pointe Pest Control is experienced at getting rid of all types of rodent infestations. We know how to pinpoint where the rodents are infesting and how to get rid of them. Time is essential when it comes to combatting rodents. They are highly destructive and the longer you wait, the more money you’ll lose on damages. It is imperative to get professional help immediately not only to avoid money loss but rodents also carry deadly diseases. Your health is worth it. Call us today!

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