4 Tips to Keep Mice Out This Season

4 Tips to Keep Mice Out This Season

Just like humans, rodents like to bundle up inside and escape the elements this time of year. Problem is, when they make themselves at home under your roof, it can really take away from your own sense of seasonal coziness. Prevent mice in your Naperville home this winter with these four simple strategies:

1. Eliminate their food sources.

Mice have a great sense of smell, making every food item that’s not refrigerated or tightly sealed a potential target. Take out your trash regularly, store food in heavy plastic containers, and wipe down your kitchen every time it needs it. If you have pets, put their food away at night as well.

2. Seal up their entry points.

Even small holes and cracks in your foundation, windows, and eaves can serve as entry points for little mice, who are known to sneak through openings the size of a dime. These openings can be filled with caulk, steel wool, or plaster. Also a great way to save energy this winter!

3. Relocate woodpiles.

Woodpiles, compost, and other organic matter make great nesting spots for mice, and if they’re near your home, it becomes easy for them to slip indoors when the weather cools. Relocate woodpiles away from your home, and keep them off the ground with pallets if possible.

4. Call in the experts.

For the most reliable prevention, it’s best to have the help of a team of professionals. Consider trying Pointe Pest Control – our experts will give your home a thorough inspection and help it remain rodent-free all winter long.

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