Reducing Rodents:

What’s Attracting Them to Your Home and How to Keep Them Away


Reducing Rodents:

What’s Attracting Them to Your Home and How to Keep Them Away

Rodent infestations are quite common and if you have never experienced one, count yourself lucky. Statistically, the odds are against you because each year an estimated 21 million homes experience a rodent invasion. What often leads to such invasions is a lack in preventative measures. Here are some things you can look out for to prevent rodent invaders.

Just a Little Bird Seed

With Spring coming soon, a lot of us are thinking ahead about putting out bird feeders and awaiting the arrival of our cute feathery friends. Unfortunately, it’s not just squirrels that enjoy munching on your birdseed whenever they get a chance. Birdseed that collects on your deck or nearby the side of your home may be attracting rodents to your property, ultimately encouraging them to linger around, and even enter your home. Our techs can help you be aware of these conducive conditions so that they can be addressed prior to a problem arising.

Delicious Droppings?

Did you know that dog poop is actually a major food source for rats? Dog poop is only 60% digested leaving rodents a great food source full of vitamins… including the antidote to the anticoagulant poison in our bait blocks: Vitamin K. Take care to remove your pup’s droppings from your yard. Taking this measure will both help prevent the attraction of more rats to your home and prevent the consumption of the droppings counteracting the anticoagulant bait blocks we use in our rodent stations.

Now You See It… Now You Don’t

Rats burrow around the foundations of houses, making their way into your homes and lives. Sometimes these burrows seem to be magically invisible or non-existent, yet your rat problems persist. Rodents like to remain hidden, so the entrance to your rat burrow may be concealed by vegetation growing around your home. Our techs will help you locate these elusive tunnels by moving around grass with their hands and feet, revealing the entrance to any rat dens you may have lingering around the base of your home.

Dumpster Corrals

If you have a dumpster corral nearby your home or business, there is a high probability that rats are present around that area – putting your residence and health at risk. Noticing the remnants of rats can be difficult and if you are merely searching 5 feet away, you probably will not see the telltale signs of rat activity. Looking closer at your dumpster corral could reveal droppings and other bits of evidence. If your residence’s dumpster corral is a problem, call us right away and our technicians will evaluate your particular situation in order to treat it correctly and prevent those rodent pests from eventually finding their way into your home or business.

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