Kenilworth Wasp Control

When Kenilworth Beach opens for the season, you know summer is truly upon us. It’s time to head outside to enjoy the sand and surf. Do you know who else is heading outside for the summer sun? The wasps around your home. After the weather begins to warm up in spring, wasp queens emerge from hibernation to find good nest locations for the summer. Your home could also be home for a colony of wasps without you realizing it. If the summer is now here and you see wasps constantly buzzing around your porch, you may have a problem.

Instead of trying to handle the infestation on your own, you should find professional wasp control in Kenilworth. Pointe Pest Control offers you the best wasp control in the village, and we only use products that are gentle on the environment. We can handle your wasp problem safely and quickly without harming our beautiful community with harsh chemicals.

Wasp 101

Wasps are formidable opponents as far as pests go. They can sting multiple times unlike a honeybee, and they can bite. They are very protective of their nests, which are usually well hidden in rain gutters, trees, and roofs. This means that you can accidentally wander too close to a wasp nest in your backyard and walk away with numerous bites and stings. At best, you aren’t allergic and the attack is painful—at worst, you are allergic and the attack is deadly. Either way, wasps are not the kinds of pests you want to manage with DIY products from the store. You need an expert.

All of our technicians are certified and experienced in handling wasp infestations in and around your home. We will manage the problem in a way that is safe for you, your home, and the environment. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting stung in the process. For fast and effective wasp control in Kenilworth, call Pointe Pest Control today.