Yellow Jackets

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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Yellow Jackets are known for their yellow and black bodies. Their waist is thin and defined and they have elongated wings. The average size of a yellow jacket is half an inch long. They are known to be social wasps that live in colonies of thousands. They are ground nesters and most of their nests can be found under steps, cracks in the sidewalk or in bases of trees. These flying pests will do whatever it takes to defend their nest and will sting repeatedly if they feel threatened. Some benefits of yellow jackets are that they pollinate and eat other harmful or annoying insects such as flies or mosquitos. Yellow Jackets are attracted to foods such as meats and sugary items and usually come around when you're having a barbecue. If you are having a problem, do not disturb them, try to remove yourself from their presence.

Signs of Infestation:

If you have a yellow jacket infestation there aren't many signs that point to it. The most obvious sign is seeing these wasps gathered in one place. If you see a nest, this will also be a sign of an infestation. Always be cautious if you see a nest nearby. There could be thousands of these social wasps living in a colony. These pests are known to be aggressive and will attack if they feel threatened. They can sting you multiple times as well. For those who are allergic, their stings can also be severe. If you have these pests roaming around the outskirts of your home, contact a pest technician who can safely remove the nest and wasps.

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