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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Hornets are yellow and brown and most reach about 24 mm long. When it comes to danger they are definitely not an insect you want to approach. Hornets are large and aggressive and will sting and bite you if they feel they are being threatened. Many times hornets will build their nests in a cavity or wall of a hollow tree. They also damage tree and shrubs by gathering bark for nests and also receive nourishment from the sap. There are often about 300 workers that live in a colony which goes to show how much danger you could get in if you get too close. They eat other insects such as grasshoppers, crickets, and other yellow jacket species. If you are bitten by a Hornet, it will be a very painful experience. The one thing you should not do if you decide to get rid of Hornets by yourself is to plug the entrance of their nest or spray the entrance of your home with insecticide. This may cause them to chew through your wall and enter your living area. To ensure safe removal, we highly recommend you contact a pest professional.

Signs of Infestation:

There is basically one sign that will point to a hornet infestation and that would be the presence of these insects around. There will usually be a nest which will serve as their main hub and where most of them will gather. We recommend that you don't get near the nest or that may cause them to become aggravated and attack. Many times a nest will be by a dry area, in the cavity of a tree or even under playground equipment. If you have an infestation near your home, we suggest you contact a pest professional immediately to ensure a safe removal.

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