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Elmhurst loves the arts and it’s evident by the multiple museums, monuments, theaters, a historical society, and a vast musical culture. Preserving the past and enriching the future is important to the residents of Elmhurst. Preservation of your home is important to you too. That monthly mortgage reminds you of the great investment you’ve made. Think how devastated you would be to find an infestation of damaging pests taking up residence and ruining your home. You can prevent this and we can help. Being attentive to your home in and around can help spot potential problems or new intruders. Scheduling routine inspections with our professional technicians will ensure that every measure is taken to protect your asset and control your surroundings.

If you have pests, don’t panic

Pest come in all sizes and varieties. Some are damaging to your home, others are dangerous to your family. If you have a bedbug infestation, you cannot wait a second longer, you need it taken care of quick. Reproducing quickly, a female can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, thus an infestation grows quickly—all feeding off YOUR body. This is the creepiest part of an infestation. Almost always, pests partake of the generosity of your home, food, clothing, water, space, and blood. Whether it’s bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders or any other kind of pest, you need fast removal. The infestation becomes a parasite and you are its host. Don’t let them drain you anymore.

We take the headache out

Finding an infestation is frustrating, inconvenient, and expensive. Let us take the pressure off you. By calling Pointe Pest Control in Elmhurst, you can leave your worries with us. Call and ask about any specials we have going on so we can save you money in this time of crisis. We offer pressure free quotes, no hidden fees, and guaranteed service. Happy customers are our mission and we aim to keep customers for life. When you put your trust in our company, we give your our best work, most professional services and effective removal. Our chemicals are guaranteed to work, but never fear, that doesn’t mean you’ll have dangerous toxins harming your pets and family. We use non-toxic treatments, safe for our planet and your loved ones. Call us today for a pest inspection and keep your greatest investment safe.