The 3 Creatures Lurking in Your Firewood

The 3 Creatures Lurking in Your Firewood

The temperature is quickly dropping in Aurora, which means many of us are cleaning out our chimneys and preparing the woodpile for a cozy winter indoors. If you’re one of these people, don’t forget to take precautions so you don’t have a winter infestation on your hands. Before you carry wood inside, always inspect it for these three pests:


Termites are by far the most infamous enemy to woodpiles and homes. While they can be found in firewood year round, you’re far more likely to involuntarily drag them inside during the winter months.


The damp undersides of wood are the ideal home for ants in search of winter nesting grounds.


The Asian longhorn beetle was transported from Asia in shipping crates, and was first discovered in Chicago in 1998. While this insect was officially eradicated a decade later from Illinois, residents are still encouraged to be vigilant when inspecting firewood for this beetle. It does serious damage and is difficult to control.

To make sure these insects don’t enter your home and make your winter less cozy, remember to store firewood outside, off the ground, and a good distance away from your home. Inspect all firewood before bringing it indoors, then burn it immediately when it comes inside.

If you’ve already inadvertently invited a firewood pest into your home this season, give the folks at Pointe Pest Control a call. Our experts can address your pest control needs in every season so you can focus on staying cozy.

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