When the temperature drops in a colder climate like that of northern Illinois, rodents can become a big problem. During the winter months, these fuzzy nuisances are more likely to enter your home in search of warmth and food. If you live in Crystal Lake or the surrounding area, here are the five rodents you are likely to see in or around your house this time of year:

1. Rats

The Norway rat and roof rat are both a rampant invasive species in North America. Roof rats are climbers and prefer rafters and attics, while Norway rats prefer basements and enter homes through the foundation. Both love sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack and carrying disease.

2. Mice

In northern Illinois, mice are cited as the number-one pest problem during the winter months. When they make their way inside, they reproduce quickly, destroy the interiors of walls and attics, and contaminate food.

3. Raccoons

Raccoons are cute in the wild, but quickly lose their charm when they start making themselves comfortable on your turf. These little “masked meddlers” are quite common in and around Crystal Lake, and are best known for raiding garbage cans, stealing pet food, and even making their way into attics or chimneys.

4. Squirrels

The squirrel is another creature that is cute on a hike, but less cute when it’s destroying your attic. These nimble rodents generally chew their way into your house, then continue nibbling on electrical wiring and wood once they get inside. As their litters grow, they cause even more trouble, often nibbling holes all around the outside of an attic.

5. Bats

Bats are great at pest control, consuming large amounts of insects each day. However, they create their own pest problem when they sneak in through chimneys, windows, or other tiny openings in your home. The problems definitely outweigh the benefits – bats are known to carry rabies, and their feces can cause serious health problems.

At Pointe Pest control, we use humane and environmentally-friendly treatments to eradicate your infestation and rodent-proof your home. Our expert technicians will identify access points and seal them, repair damage, and follow up regularly. Call us today so you can sleep better tonight.