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In the 1900’s cyclists were tired of getting wet. What seems like a small problem to non-cyclists brought about one of the most impressive solutions on the century: the micro car. And Crystal Lake has one of the few museums in the world dedicated to micro cars. With an appointment you can see a variety of 500cc micro and mini cars at the Small Wonders Micro Car Museum.

Pests may seem like a small problem when you first notice them. An earwig here, maybe an ant there. But inevitably those pests will multiply. At Pointe Pest Control, we offer impressive pest control solutions that will let you relax in your home again.

Crystal Lake Insect Issues

Though insects are small, they can turn into massive problems. Termites can destroy your home. Rodents will chew through sheet rock walls, ruin your food and spread disease. Cockroaches disperse bacteria. Biting you while you sleep, bed bugs can make every night a nightmare. Spiders, wasps, and mosquitoes can quickly turn into infestations that make your home feel unlivable. When infestations get bad, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Pointe Pest is your Crystal Lake Pest Control Solution

Pointe Pest Control is dedicated to eradicating infestations. We work with you to identify the pest problem and you can count on our solutions. Our technicians use integrated pest management. For you that means a more successful eradication effort.

For insects and rodents, integrated pest management means a multi-pronged treatment method, with a variety of treatment options. Our Crystal Lake pest control technicians are pest educated and certified to assist you.

We have years of precision experience. We know pest control. No matter what pest is causing you concern, we will have a solution that will meet your needs. If you have an infestation it time to call in the professionals.

Give Pointe Pest Control a call today and we’ll eliminate the problem and we can take steps to keep those bugs and rodents from coming back.

Read what Elizabeth says about Pointe Pest:

“Excellent service and communication. No insect problems for years, including the dreaded spiders. Very comforting to know my home is pest free.”

Rating by: EB – 07/25/2014 : 5.0 stars