Crystal Lake Rodent Control

Crystal Lake, Illinois is a suburb made up mostly of families who live there but work in Chicago. After a long day at work and a commute from the city, the first thing you want to do at home is relax and unwind. You sit down with a bowl of potato chips and the TV remote, only to see Fievel Mousekawitz’s cousin sitting next to you enjoying your chips too. Maybe that scenario is a bit of an exaggeration right out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon, but in reality, if your home is infested with rodents, that depiction might not be too far off if a rodent got to that bag of chips before you did.

When Rodents Invade

Rodents can cause a crazy amount of damage to your home and yard. They decimate the garden you’ve worked so feverishly on all summer, in a matter of days. Because their bones are soft, they can squeeze into ridiculously small cracks and crevices. Keeping your home sealed is vital. If they find a small hole, it won’t be long before they have chewed their way through. Their teeth are incredibly sharp, easily boring through sheet rock, wood and plastic. Once they make it into your house, the problems can escalate very quickly if they have not been controlled.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Disease And Destruction Follow in Their Wake

One mouse can excrete anywhere from 40 to 100 droppings per day; multiply that by several dozen more mice or rats and suddenly you have a dangerous health risk. Deadly diseases such as hantavirus and leptospirosis are carried by rodents and all transferred by fecal contamination. As rodents chew food, they discard partially eaten pieces and then urinate and defecate all over anything they haven’t eaten.

Call The Crystal Lake Rodent Experts At Pointe Pest Control

Calling an expert at Pointe Pest Control at the first sight of a rodent is of utmost importance. These animals multiply quickly and can cause a large amount of expensive and extensive damage in a short amount of time. Our Crystal Lake professionals can obliterate an infestation by trapping adults, sealing entrances into your home, and guiding you step by step to remove food sources and, most importantly, solving the issue so you can rest easily at the end of your busy day.


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